Dining Reservations


With all the bad rap that Disney Dining is getting with making reservations, I just wanted to relieve a little fear you may have.

I just got off the phone with probably the nicest and most thorough CM I have ever spoken to on the phone. I only waiting about 10 minutes and was able to get the 2 places I wanted (Teppanado and Tusker House) at the times I wanted for a party of 7. And this is for our trip next month.

She also asked me if I had any ADR’s that I need to cancel, which I did, and that made me happy. I hope they will get more people to cancel ADR’s that they won’t be using- just by asking!


One more thing- they never asked for my resort reservation #, just where I was staying. This is for the end of April, but I thought they were getting picky about who can make ADR’s and when.


When I booked my ADR’s they asked for reservation# and where I was staying. It went great though. I did not have any problems. I do need to call and check just to make sure they still have my ressies.


I always find the dining reservation people to be very nice. Although they could be nicer and make a table for 6 available at Garden Grill for me! lol


When i made my reservations they only asked for my reservation number for the ones that were after the 90 days.


I haven’t had any issues with booking dining either, but my trips are never 90 days out! :phone:

I never get asked the reservation # either, just name and zip, and then they always say “Oh, there you are!” so I figure they see it on their screen. :happy:


Ah ha! I guess it must just be a 90 + 10 day thing.


You’re inside the 90 days if you’re booking for April.
The current 90 day mark is June 16th.
Once you’re inside the 90 days for the dates that you want, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Disney resort guest or a day guest staying outside the world.
When I called Sunday to make reservations for early April, they didn’t care where we were staying, even though I do have a reservation for that trip.


So far no problems at all with making the ADR’s, cancelling some and rebooking for another time or restaurant. It has been very smooth.

Although I am getting a little nervous after reading on a few who have lost their ADR’s. I am going to confirm them all tonight.