Dining Reservations


We’re planning a last-minute trip to Disney. We’re only one month out and still haven’t solidified the reservations. We’re not procrastinators. My daughter just got her final exam schedule for college, and we’re able to squeeze a week in.
Because we’re only four weeks out, I cannot get a reservation for anywhere in any of the parks. This is going to bother me because I have to have everything planned and confirmed. What are the chances that you can walk up to a restaurant and get a reservation for some time during the day ? Never had to do that so I’m not sure if it’s possible.


Keep trying for reservations… there are always cancellations that come up. It may not be at the best times, but they do come up. We have also had some success at walk up dining. Not at high demand locations I.E. LeCellier, Ohana… but we have had some success. It also depends on the time of year you are going also. Good luck.


If you look at some less know places like Captain’s Grill for an Epcot day and Grand Floridian Cafe for your Magic Kingdom day you may find some availability. The Turf Club at Saratoga Springs is also good. This may be the perfect time to try some new places and find a new favorite.


If you can’t find any availability in the park, go exploring to the resorts. There’s a lot of hidden gems out there.


We tried to get “Be our Guest” for months so we decided to try a walkup on this trip and got it on the second try in a matter of 10 minutes.So it does pay to be persistent.


Was that for lunch or dinner? I refuse to put down a CC for a CS for lunch. We used to go around 2ish for dessert, IF we felt like it. Not going to loose 20 bucks because we didn’t feel like coffee and a cupcake that day.


we witnessed a senior cast member turn away walk ups to be our guests and when we were finally sat the waitress who helped us said tonight was a quiet night and.I then told her about the cast member turning people away …she said they have tried to get that fixed …you might not realize this but the lack of effort by the greeters leave many tables empty during even the busiest times…do not be afraid to ask if someone could check if tables are available…because in most cases tables go unseated quite often


We went for lunch because we had the quick service dining plan.My wife said it was the highlight of our trip(besides being in the Magic Kingdom and being with her one true love,I hope she meant me and not Mickey!!!) The food and atmosphere was absolutely fantastic.


Yes, last time we had a dinner reservation, we waited 15 to 20 minutes past our arrival time and when finally seated, couldn’t believe how many empty tables there were. Thought something was wrong with the system.