Dining suggestions for MNSSHP?


Whenever we’ve done the P&PP or MVMCP we’ve always done dinner at a resort or elsewhere & arrived at the party a little later. I’ve never been in the MK for the “clearing of the park.” When we do MNSSHP in October I’d REALLY like to enjoy the party to the FULLEST and just be finishing dinner in the park before the party starts.

If you were going to eat dinner IN the MK before MNSSHP how would this work? I’d like to do Crystal Palace since we haven’t in a couple years. What time would you make the ADR for? Do you physically have to LEAVE the park?

How would you do it logistically?

Thanks. :happy:


We like to go to Liberty Tree Tavern. The food is good and the characters and most of the staff are dressed for the party.


We also like Liberty Tree Tavern. The food is always good and it’s fun to see the characters dressed up. When we went to MNSSHP, we arrived about 5 and our ADR may have been about 5:30 or so. We didn’t have to leave the park at all, when we arrived we received our wristbands and trick or treat bags and once we were done at LTT, we took Kaitlyn and started trick or treating.


Last year for PPP, my sister and I had a 5:45pm reservation for LTT. We finished a little before people were ushered out of the park. We had arrived at the park before 4pm and then got a wristband (they were giving them out in the rose garden down by the Hub) at 4pm. So, once we finished dinner we were ready to jump into the festivities, which meant getting in line for Capt Jack.

The only thing we missed on was entering the Main Gate at 7pm and walking through the red carpet. To be honest, I didn’t miss it. I went to another PPP a few days before and did the red carpet at 7pm (didn’t realize I could go at 4pm) and that night they hadn’t really started up the smoke special effect so entering was a bit of a disappointment. Then I had to fight the wave of people at Main St as they were getting ushered out of the park. By the point I got to rides, treasure stations, character meets and greets, people who had been there since 4pm were already in line.


Just check in and get your party wrist band before your ADR (I think they start to give them out around 4 if I remember correctly). If you have your bracelet on you won’t be asked to leave from 4 on…


When we have done MVMCP, we also go to LTT for 5:45 - 6:00. It gets you out in time for everything. We just get our wristbands prior to eating. We are in the park early (AP holders). Then we just enjoy the night.


I have done Cp before the party along with the Plaza … Plaza we were in an out CP we had a wait but I enjoyed it and it was at a later time …If I was going to do CP I would try and make a ressie for about 4:15 or 4:30 pm that way you have the rest of the night to enjoy the party


I would make the reservation for at least an hour and a half before the party. Last year we did CP at 5:15 before the PPP and finished up about 20 minutes before the party started. Perfect timing.


This past year we ate at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian at Cinderella’s Gala Feast. We had an early ADR for 4:30 then went straight to the MK for MNSSHP. The buffet was wonderful and the character interation was really good. The only downer was that it rained off and on that night but we still had a great time.


we just grabbed a bite at cosmic rays one year and at pecos bills another year. that way we didn’t spend too much time at dinner on mnsshp night.


We had an early ressie for Liberty Tree Tavern and that worked well for MNSSHP


I honestly don’t like having a sit-down the night of the party. Me and my DD get to the park as soon as you are allowed in for the party and go over to Cosmic Rays. We start our party tour on that side of the park because it goes against the flow of the crowd. We have done this for MNSSHP twice and for the P&P party…everyone goes to the left side first for some reason.


PIRATES!!! :pirate: attracts them EVERYTIME!! :laugh: :laugh:


We did the same . . . ('cept PPP) we had 5pm ressies, so we spent the day at DTD and then headed to the park at 4 . . . hit a few rides, the dinner, we were done by 6pm and already at the back of the park when the party begun at 7pm! (It’s less crowded back there!) Perfect!! :happy: