Dining suggestions


My DH and I decided not to do the dining plan since we will probably only do 3-4 table service meals in the 7 days we are there. We definitely want to do a character breakfast/dinner at Chef Mickey’s and maybe dinner at Le Cellier. Any recommendations for 2 other table service restaurants? Also would you do breakfast or dinner at Chef Mickey’s? Our kids are 6 and 3. Thanks!


Have you looked at Hoop Dee Doo Revue at Fort Wilderness? My family loves it.

We like breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. Breakfast out is a treat for us and I really only get to enjoy it when we’re on vacation.


Definitely try Le Cellier. Another favorite of mine is Liberty Tree for dinner…it has Goofy, Minnie, Chip and Dale in Colonial type costumes. I also really like Ohana for breakfast (it has Lilo, Stitch, aloha Mickey and Pluto). I also think 50s Prime Time cafe is alot of fun…no characters but if you get a good server it can be a memorable experience.


We really like Coral Reef in November. Great atmosphere and the food was good and the desserts were great.

My favorite is California Grill but that is a bit pricey…awesome food though.

'Ohana is always a great meal and if you schedule dinner at the time of fireworks you can watch while you eat!


My DDs are 8 & 4 . . . but we have been going to WDW since DD8 was 4 so they have favorites:

Crystal Palace with Pooh and Friends (breakfast buffet, get a before the park opens ressie, and for a few minutes you’ll feel like you have the park to yourself!)

Chef Mickey- great “kids only” breakfast area with fun items like PB&J Pizza PLUS all your favs Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald dressed as chefs!

Garden Grill-Epcot-Mickey, Chip, Dale and Pluto . . . dinner-the appeal for the kids at this one is the fact the restaurant rotates as you eat. Food is family style all you can eat and the kids meal comes with MAKE YOUR OWN CUPCAKES! (you rotate through THE LAND ride, so it’s fun to go on it first and see where all the veggies you are about to eat are grown!)

Rain Forest Cafe-Downtown Disney or Animal Kingdom NO characters, but there are animals, big fish tanks and it “rains” every 15 minutes! They have fun desserts as well!

If you have girls CINDERELLA’S ROYAL TABLE (PRICEY) but the food is good, you get free pictures (8x10 4 3x5s) wishing star and wand, swords for boys and PRINCESSES we just did this one there was Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora and Mary Poppins . . . besides you are IN THE CASTLE . . . very cool!

I could go on and on . . . but I’d say those are our TOP 5! :heart:


Crystal Palace for sure!!! We do lunch there but we are trying dinner in November. My DD is 7 and has been going since she was 2, this is the one she asks for every trip! We also like Liberty Tree Tavern, Donald’s Breakfast at AK, and 1900 Park Fare.


Oh, I forgot, Whispering Canyon! If you have kids and you like a loud fun atmosphere the food at WC has been great everytime we have been there.


I was going to recommend Whispering Canyon as well, rlb! Our children enjoyed it at those ages. I would visit Chef Mickey’s for breakfast, as the fare is fabulous for the children. We have usually made our ADRs for about 10:30 am, and it served as an early lunch for us.

We usually end up doing one table service each day while in WDW. Rather than taking time from the parks for swimming, etc., we hit the parks pretty hard for most of the day. We use the TS meals as our down time to rest and look each other in the faces for a few minutes before going out for more!

Biergarten in the German Pavillion in Epcot is another suggestion!


Whispering Canyon looks like a ton of fun! We ate at Artist point one evening, na dthe food was great, but we could hear the fun coming out of the WC, and we really wanted to just move our table in there!


I generally prefer breakfast buffets in general.
Chef Mickey’s breakfast, in my mind, is better than dinner.
Crystal Palace is good for any meal.
I’ll get back later with some other suggestions.


Eating in Japan is fun, the children like to watch the chef do crazy things.


Ok I’m almost thinking we should just do the dining plan now. Too many great places to try! Keep the suggestions coming! The following are on my definite list now…

Chef Mickey’s breakfast
Le Cellier dinner
Crystal Palace - my kids would love the pooh characters
Whispering Canyon(just sounds like everyone loves this place)


I have to agree…there are so many awesome places on WDW property! DO NOT MISS Le Cellier for dinner. They serve their signature Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon for dinner only…and it is HEAVENLY. :angel:

I have to add a few meals…'Ohana is GREAT fun with yummy food and they have entertainment, too! Boma located at Animal Kingdom Lodge…that meal is one of our MUST DOs now! We also LOVE LOVE LOVE Maya Grill, located at Coronado Springs Resort!


I will second Boma also. It is great! I love the potatoe salad and pasta salad and their is so much food anyone can find something they like. Try the carrot soup too.

We have always liked the Breakfast food at Crystal Palace better than Chef Mickeys.


Wispering Canyon
1900 Park Fare


If you are thinking of le Cellier for a steak dinner, I would skip it and do Yachtman’s steak house at the Y&B club. You can walk over there from EPCOT.

And I would recommend that if you are looking for “better” sit down type meals, look hard at the restaurants outside of the parks. I find their fare a heck of a lot better prepared than most of the restaurants inside the parks. Just my opinion.


Ohana is a great favorite of ours and great for families! And the food is amazing!
I’ve heard good things about Crystal Palace as well but never done it.
I also love:
50’s Prime Time
Rose and Crown
and Boma.


Chef Mickeys
O’hana or Liberty Tree Tavern- for my votes!


Le Cellier is amazing obvs…and so much fun to chat with your server :smile: hee hee
I pretty much agree with most peoples replys about 50’s prime time, whispering canyon…
If you want a nice meal try Jiko in Animal Kingdom Lodge, it’s soooo nice in there, the wall changes colour like a sunset!


Are there singers at Ohana? or is the entertainment coconut races and hula hoop contests?