Dining with Cindy


Is the castle the only place you can get a character meal with Cinderella?


No you can have dinner with her at 1900 park fare. It’s her, prince charming, the stepsisters and the stepmother.


is that the norwegian one?

i know there’s a princess dinner in norway but don’t know if she’s there


No it is in the grand floridian… (1900 park fare).


Yeah, she’s at 1900 Park Fare for dinner at the Grand Floridian.

She is not listed as a character for Akershus at Epcot, though there you can meet other Disney princesses/female protagonists (4-6 from Belle, Mulan, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Esmeralda, Mary Poppins, Jasmine, and Pocahontas).


She was at our dinner at Askerhus. we had Belle, Ariel, Auroroa and cindy…why do i think im missing someone. now i will have to go home and check my pictures!!


Thanks for the info, everyone! I have a friend whose daughter is all about Cinderella, but the price of a castle meal is prohibitive. Sigh… Park Fare is pretty pricey, too. Hmmm… I hate to recommend Akershus without knowing for sure that Cinderella will be there. Ah, well.


We just did Park Fare last week and we loved it. I think it would have been worth the money if we had to pay oop


Cinderella was at Akershaus when we were there but I did hear that they switch them around a lot.


I was pretty sure we had Cinderella there…Here she is!!
I did also hear that they rotate them and she is not always there.
we also had Aurora (greeting us), ariel, Jasmine and Belle


We too had Cinderella at our meal at Akershus.
We met Belle in the Foyer and then had Cinerella, Aurora, Jasmine and Ariel.
It is a great alternative to the Castle if you want a cheaper meal or are looking for a change.
But, none of the princesses are guaranteed, so if you want to see Cinderella for sure, or want your photos done with her, then I would go for the Castle.