Dinner and fireworks?


This week I have completely scrapped one vacation to WI in June and am now planning a Disney vacation for August!! YIPPEE!! I am working on my ressies and looking to try some new and enjoy some old faves (Ohana for dinner, Crystal Palace for breakfast and Chef Mickey’s for both!). The cast is myself, DH and DS, 12.

What I would like to hear from you, aside from California Grill, where are your favorite places to enjoy dinner with a view of the fireworks? Thanks in advance for your help!



Ohanas hands down!! I love that place. I know how you feel about scraping together for quick trips. I woke up 2 wednesdays ago and decided my DH and I were going to go to Disney for our anniversary May 11 so we had to pay the whole trip right then and there. Air is what killed us. :laugh:


Actually that’s the only reason we moved the vacation from June to August, because I decided at 44 days out that I wanted to go to Disney instead and didn’t have the full amount then and there. It’s ok though, because, thanks to the extra 2 months, I’m getting 9 days at disney instead of 7 days in WI and OH!

Do you try and schedule a seating for an hour before fireworks time or 30 minutes? i guess not much earlier than that. Can you request a window seat?


That just happened to fall on time and at the time I had a party of 5 so thats where we were sat but last Sept when it was just my DD and I the waitress was walking to a table to seat us and I asked for the window right then and there because no one was sitting there and I doubt she would have told my DD no on her bday with her wearing the Bday pin dressed like Jasmine and all :laugh:


I assume my son won’t dress up like Prince Charming just to get me a window seat, but I’ll work on it!! HA!


OK, dinner and fireworks. My kind of thread.
You know California Grill. You don’t know Narcoossee’s at the GF. It’s right over the water (partly on stilts) and has an observation ring around the entire restaurant. They pipe the music/soundtrack into both the restaurant and to outdoor speakers on the deck. And unlike California Grill, you don’t need to diner there to watch fireworks.
Ohana is not a good view, unless you’re right up against the window but you can finish dinner and go out to the beach, you just won’t hear the soundtrack. I’m not sure if they pipe the music into 'Ohana either. The time I ate there, I went outside.
Then there’s Epcot. The two best places are Tokyo Dining (although if you’re at Teppan Edo, you can excuse yourself from the table and go outside to watch. The deck around Japan is mostly a good view, but parts are obstructed by the arch in the water, and you won’t be able to see the video globe that well. Also, like the deck at Narcoossee’s, anyone can walk up and watch from there. And then there’s Rose and Crown, lame menu, but generally excellent view. And don’t worry about hearing the music. If you’re inside Epcot, you can’t escape the Illuminations soundtrack.

Oh, one last thing about watching MK fireworks from outside the park.
Always remember that the shows are designed to be best viewed from Main Street and the Hub. As you move off to one side of the castle or the other, the symmetry is not maintained. So, when you watch from Narc’s, you will be off to the left, but some of the image is maintained. If you watch from California Grill, the combination of being 170 feet in the air and so far off to the right, it looks like you are watching tow different fireworks displays (and you are) because there are castle effects, like the shooting star trails and the flame towers, and the high bursts that are launched from the far side of the railroad tracks just north of the MK, so to me, it doesn’t visually hold together as well as from in front of the castle.


Honestly, the BEST fireworks experience we have had is at Cinderella’s Royal Table a few years ago. We lucked out and got a window table at 9:30pm. At 10, they turned down the lights and we had this AMAZING view of the fireworks out of the back of the castle. We have seen them at CG, Ohana, the Poly, Narcoosees, etc, but that one night at CRT was so magical for us and our little girl, I would give anything to do it again.


CJ, I know how people eating inside CRT have said time and again how special it was to see the fireworks from inside the castle, I can’t help myself in pointing out that you miss so very much of the show because you are literally in the middle of it and can only see the big stuff north of the park while all the castle stuff is totally out of view.
It’s kind of like watching a pan and scan full screen video as compared to a 1.85:1 widescreen or worse, a 2.35:1 movie.
The sides are cut off.


Poly beach doesn’t have the music? Someone must’ve brought their own. Smart of them to do that for all close enough to hear. It sounded great to me:happy:


Or they finally reconnected the speakers on the islands (decent sized PAs really) or finally got around to putting speakers out on the beach since 2008.
But I’ve watched, and taped from that beach and never heard a note.


I think maybe they did :happy:


If they did, it’s about time!
I remember the first time I saw the PAs on the islands. It was right after the 2004 hurricanes and a lot of the foliage was blown off them, unveiling the clusters, and they were aimed at the Poly.