Dinner at Fulton Crab House


My family of 5 adults have an ADR at Fulton Crab House. What advise can I get on what to order. We all like seafood.:blush:


I ate there once on our honeymoon almost 8 years ago ( found out Dh has gout and cant have any seafood anymore ) I am such a Lobster girl and know I had the best lobster there


Order what looks good to you on the menu :wink:


I ate there a few years ago and remember the rock lobster being phenomenal!


Have you looked at the menu on allrears?
Fulton’s Crab House - Dinner Menu - Downtown Disney


If you really like seafood, you can’t go wrong there.


Thanx sooo much for the input. We really like seafood and were looking for advise on this restaurant. I have made my ADR for dinner with the family.


Try the fish.


Fulton’s is one of my favorites. They have a very extensive menu and a large selection of fish of the day. They also do shellfish and lobsters and landlubbers can get a steak (why?). They also rotate specials of the day frequently.
Finally, don’t miss the milk chocolate creme brulee for dessert.

An alternative is lunch. The menu is condensed, but they will make anything from the dinner menu on request as well. At lunch, have the fried rock shrimp and make sure you get a to go container for your left overs because you get a very large portion.
The lobster bisque is also a favorite of most guests.


Because some of us really can’t stand seafood in any shape or form! :blow: :laugh:

Wow, you had me at milk chocolate creme brulee though… :wub: