Dinner at the Castle


So our first night in Disney we are surprising my DD with dinner at the castle.
Is the castle totally closed when a show is going on so you can’t get in? Would we have to show up 35-40 minutes early to make sure we were in before the show starts?


I’m pretty sure that you can enter the castle lobby to get to CRT from the back entrance in Fantasyland if a show is going on in the castle forecourt.


You just go around the side of the castle to the back entrance that is closest to fantasyland like ingamba said. Please do report back about your dinner there. I would love to hear about it.


Thanks! I always keep a detailed trip journal for my DD and DS since when we first went, I knew they would not remember, so I can use it to give my trip report when I get back! :cool:


And pictures lots and lots of pictures…please :wink:

And I ate there last summer…very nice. :smile:


I can’t wait for the report…pictures too please… :heart:


I would really like to hear about it too since it is all new and being done a little differently. We are taking our DD there for dinner as well on our trip.


I don’t get the “New” CRT- That starts Feb. 1st, so we are one of the last to experience the “old”.

I must get DH to show me how to put pictures in, but I will, I promise!! :wub:


Me too Mrs. Pooky! I’ll be there on Jan 27th


Then we must take pictures and forever record the old ways for posterity.


Oh I’ll have camera in hand, not to worry!


Oh, I would still like to hear all about it. I guess I’ll have to be one of the people to tell about it when we get back !