Dinner Dress


What is the proper dress code for the dinners? We will be going in the family friendly ones. Do you wear ties and jackets and dresses or what? Thank you in advance.


Victoria and Albert’s is the only place with a dress code. We usually wear causual clothes, jeans, t-shirts.


On cruises they prefer no shorts & at least a collared shirt for men. I wore summer dresses & very lite pantsuits. I don’t think they’ll turn anyone away, but they prefer to keep it a “nicer dress” atmosphere. If you’re going for the 7-night I believe they have a formal night, but since I’ve only done the 4-night one I’m not positive about that.


Yes, infortunately, my dress pants did not make the cruise, I had nice collar shirts, and was accepted and welcomed at the restaurants(with shorts). It was also Halloween, and alot of people had costumes on.
There are two that are dressier, Palos’ of course, and Tritans (for dinner)
The other two, are more casual and “festive”, with walls changing colors and tropical decor. But dinner is only one part of the experience, it’s a whole show…enjoy!


I made DH wear a jacket and tie and my two DS’s wore dress shirts with ties. They do family portraits every night and it makes such a nice pic to have them be all dressed up. They can always take them off right after dinner.