Dinner for couple without kids


Hello…obvious newbie here! Looking for advice for a nice dinner date for my boyfriend and I at a restaurant with mainly adults. We are going to be in Fort Wilderness in September. We have the dining plan and would only like to use 1 credit. We already have ADR’s for Rose and Crown, Raglan Road and Le Cellier. We were thinking about the Coral Reef, but haven’t heard the best reviews. We prefer not to eat spicy mexican food. Any suggestions? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Chefs de France. I havn’t tried it yet but I have reservations there in July and we are looking forward to it.


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I would highly recommend Kona Cafe at the Polynesian…I would suggest getting a late seating, because you are more likely to avoid families with kids that way. My husband and I ate here on our last trip and it was the best meal of the trip! They have absolutely fantastic steaks and a lot of good “All-American” choices with Asian or Polynesian flare.

Kona is only one credit and it would be very easy to get to from Fort Wilderness - boat to the MK, monorail over to the Poly. :happy:


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I don’t have any good advice because we’ve only been to WDW with a DS along so we haven’t had an “adult only” meal. Would be nice, though!! Maybe someday . . . :happy:


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I’d say it depends on what you want to spend. Do you want a moderately priced restaurant or are you willing to pay more for a meal?

We have had grandparents with us the last few trips, and it has become a tradition for DH and me to eat at the California Grill. We try to get a reservation that will let us be there during MK’s fireworks-mostly because Wishes is my favorite! You can’t be guaranteed a window seat, but you can request one when you check in, and they pipe the music for Wishes into the restaurant, and you have a BEAUTIFUL view of the fireworks. The food is great, in my opinion. (If you like sushi, you must have Spicy Sensation!)

I think this is one of the best couple meals we’ve ever had anywhere.


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Dh and I have been going to Disney since we starting dating five years ago. Going as a couple instead of a family has its definite advantages I think!
Anyways, you’ve already picked my favorite Rose and Crown :wub:, Le Cellier is wonderful and I have heard good things about RR but I’ve never been.
The important thing to just go ahead and accept right now is no matter where you go (with the exception of Victoria and Alberts) kids will be there. However, staying away from character meals is a good step. I’ve never done Coral Reef but I know there are some people on here who enjoy it. It seems like CR has good periods and then goes into a funk…I think it’s in a funk right now because I haven’t heard any awesome reviews lately.
Anyways, places we have really enjoyed are Beirgarten (My husband really likes this place because you can get a beer as big as your head! The one thing I really don’t love about this place is you have to sit with other people…the tables are all tables of 8 however, every time I have been there we have gotten to sit with older couples…once we sat with a family with a small kid but she was really quiet!)
Basically you’re good with any place in World Showcase that might be perceived as a little "weird’ parents typically won’t book places like Restaurant Marrakesh over Chef Mickeys…you know what I mean?
But sometimes you feel like you are always eating in Epcot!
Anyways, some other places we really like:
Grand Floridian Cafe
Capn’ Jacks (DTD)

I have also heard good things about these places:
The Turf Club
Kona Cafe (we are trying this on our next trip…it’s a nice alternative to the Kid Filled Ohana)
Tutto Itlaia
Chefs de France

Hope my rambling helps!


I think that was about the most complete answer anyone could ask for in this situation! Bella, you’re like the couple-dining pro! :happy:


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And for the record, I think we are going to try Narcoosee’s (sp) on our anniversary in October. I think I heard that is “couple friendly”.


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I would also recommend Whispering Canyon. Obviously it’s a huge family restaurant, but they have some very quiet tables in the back area where you don’t have to participate in any of the ruckus. We got a great two-person table in the back by it’s own fireplace, and it was wonderful! A very quiet meal and excellent food.


I did offer some resturant advice in that last post.:closedeye


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1 credit

Wolfgang Puck Cafe
The Wave (new in Contemporary, opens on June 7)
Teppan Edo or Tokyo Dining (Japan)
Coral Reef is OK, depending on menu.


It’s very couple friendly, but just like Cali Grill it’s two credits.
It will be good for your anniversary. See if you can be seated next to the windows, although, it’s all window and you can see outside from any seat.


If you are staying at Fort Wilderness, the most apparent one is Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge. Very adult atmosphere. Kids don’t eat here often. Bistro de Paris is an adult dining place in Epcot. The menu changes all the time, but, I have never been disappointed.


Good tip about the windows. The credits don’t matter. We are not doing the dining plan due to the fact that we are staying offsite…in a timeshare…SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I feel like a traitor.:ph34r: :laugh:


Right, but Komfykozy asked for one credit places and indicated she(he?) was on the dining plan.
I know it’s confusing sometimes when people answer two different posts in the same post.:wacko:
Narcoossee’s is one of my most favored places in WDW, OOP or not.


:heart: I would go with Victoria and Albert’s @ the Grand Floridian!:laugh: