Dinner in the HM


Hi! I had been sitting here thinking about Disney (of course), and I remembered seeing something a little while ago about dinner inside the Haunted Mansion. I know nothing, and I was wondering if anyone else had any info, or knew anything about it. Thanks :happy:


I’ve never heard of it. Maybe it was some special thing once?


I wasn’t sure, but I googled it and I know there have been dinners in 2000, 2001, and 2002. I just don’t know anything else about it :blush:


I believe this was a special invitation event with a high-priced ticket for certain members (it may have been like $500 for Disney Dining Experience Members maybe?)

I vaguely remember reading about it but I do remember they received a special visit by the headless horseman & there were collectible menus & a spooky 5 course meal or something, etc.

I wish I had more info but hopefully that will que some memory for you.


I found information for you:

DoomBuggies > Explore the history and marvel at the mystery of Disney’s Haunted Mansion attractions!

Here is a blog from someone who attended the event:
DoomBuggies > Dinner in the Haunted Mansion


Thanks so much :happy:


Not a problem, that’s what I’m here for! :happy:


Thanks for the link, Wishy. That was really interesting and sounded like a whole lot of fun.


I would love to do that!


Wow! Thsi is a cool experience, and it would be kind of cool inside ToT, too, right?


WOW this doombuggies site is fantastic!


I have never heard of this …


Thanks Wish the Doombuggies site is amazing, and wow imagine being the guy who won the Disney/Ebay auction for a tour of HM!


Im spooked just reading this… I cant do walk thru anything haunted!!


That sounds like such a good evening! Id love for them to bring this back! I might not eat a whole lot on the menu but the atmosphere would be worth it!


That is really cool! Being a halloween freak myself (scary movies too) I would love to do that. I wish they would bring it back!