Dinner show debate


This has probably been addressed 8,493 times already, but I need help on this one. We’re trying to decide which one of the dinner shows to try this time. We haven’t done any of them so all we can go on is what we read about. (Things to keep in mind: DS loves silly stuff and loves to laugh but is a watcher, not a participator. For him, the more active the show, the better. DS and DH love barbecued anything. I’m picky about my barbecue flavors. The food on all of them sound great, however. DH and I loved our Polynesian island honeymoon :wub: .) So here’s your task. Talk us in, or out of, the following dinner shows:

Backyard Barbecue?
Spirit of Aloha?


HDDR, of course!


smee, from the bottom of my heart, I can truthfully say I would never do the Spirit of Aloha ever again! We did it, and the show was so-so, we were herded in and out quickly, served courses of average food in unison with the other tables. Even the performers seemed bored!!! Plus lots of pressure to buy photos and all that nonsense.

All we could think about the whole evening was how we could have been inside at Ohana, eating fabulous barbecued food and playing games!!!

I understand the Spirit show is managed by an outside company and is not a Disney project. I believe it, because that would explain its shortcomings. I think you will hear a lot of this same thought on this thread!!!

On the other hand, I have never heard anything but GREAT reviews about HDD!


I would have to recommend HDDR. It is so colorful, silly, & funny. Lots to see & good food!


I agree that the Spirit of Aloha show was rushed. But we enjoyed the food very much and we even enjoyed the show. Parts of it were tacky but the dancing was good.

We haven’t been to any of the other shows so i can say whether they are good or not.


I haven’t done any of the dinner shows. They aren’t my cup of tea. However, I can say based on everyone else’s comments over the years it ranks this way.

1 Hoop Dee Doo
3 (and distant at that) Luau


We’ve done Hoop Dee Doo 4-5 times and the BBQ once. We love HDD, the chow is funny and the food is good. It quickly became a must do for us every trip. The BBQ was ok but it was outside and wat too hot in July to really enjoy it.


Hmm. Sounds so far like HDD is the way to go. I was just reviewing all three on allears and the reviews concur with all of the thoughts here. The HDD prices are $59, $55, and $51. Is there a big difference between category 1, category 2 and category 3 seating or is it like most, there really isn’t a bad seat in the house? The price difference isn’t that much, that’s why I ask. I don’t know if DS would want front and center, fearing that he might be picked on for something. He embarrasses so easily!! :laugh:


We had floor seats near the entrance last time we went. We could see just fine though. They were furthest from the stage.


Was that category 2 seating?


I’m not sure. Rlander made the rezzies. I am going to guess and say yes… and that Category 3 would be on the balcony. Ask when you call to be sure.


We always book early and book cat 1 seats and have a second row table. Cat 2 tables are the middle to back of the floor area and Cat 3 is upstairs and maybe the very back of the floor area. If you’re upstairs your back is to the stage but your chair turns so you can see everything. The tables in the back are high tables so you can see over the front tables.

For the small difference in price we’ll always book cat 1 seats, it’s worth it. However, it’s set up so everyone can see.


Thank you!


And, thank you!


I also vote for HDDR. I haven’t done it in ages but I did the Spirit of Aloha a few years back and was disappointed. I honestly felt like it was just a woman on stage constantly forcing us to yell “Aloha!” with a few small bits of entertainment and dancing thrown in between. And I wasn’t too psyched about the food.


Now, I feel disappointed. We’re reserved for the luau during our March trip. Maybe I should cancel and rebook for HDD?


I believe you have to try it to see if it’s a hit for your family. We love HDD but it’s kind of our style. I understand how some people may not like it at all, it’s corny and the food isn’t 5 star but we like it. The worst case is you have a so so meal and plan something else next time, however, you may find that your family loves the luau and you make it a must do every trip. You can read every review out there but until you try it you really won’t know if it’s for you or not.


Not trying to rain on your parade, I promise! But honestly, I would consider changing. This is the single evening in all of our trips to WDW that we would have changed!


We did the HDDR last year and did not care for it. The way our table was on the main floor made it very difficult for us to see, especially the kids. The food was okay at the best!!


We would vote for HDDR. Love the show, and go frequently. Have done Spirit of Ohana, and was not impressed, and we have not done the BBQ. There are no bad seats at HDDR, even the balcony seats are not bad. The food is good, and the show while hokey, is cute and fun.