Dinner Suggestion for AK?


I would appreciate some help for ADR for AK.

We are going to try the Picnic in the Park for lunch.

What would you suggest for dinner, we have 2 manly men and 2 picky young adults?



There aren’t too many dining options at AK. I would suggest going to a resort to eat, like maybe Animal Kingdom to go to Boma, or to any other resort.


I would suggest not eating at AK.

Leave the park and eat elsewhere. Head over to AKL and hit Boma buffet or Jiko – close to AK and delicious.


My suggestion would be to take the short & easy ride over the Animal Kingdom Lodge & eat at Boma! It’s delicious & usually pleases everyone. Then you can look at the animals from their resort savannah, sit by the fire in the lobby & relax after dinner. They also have a nice bar in there.


OMG Wish that sounds like heaven!! I have been planning my ADRs as I call on Saturday and my AK day is still blank LOL Does the resort kick you out after a certain time? I guess it’s no problem to take a bus to AKL and then back to POP after dinner and a roam around. How long does it take to get from AK to the AKL? I know it depends on busses. I’m just looking for a rough idea. Thanks for solving my dinner problem.



The ride from the AK to the AKL is no more than 5 minutes, if that. But you will have to return to the AK and change buses to get to the PC resort.


Yak and Yeti is pretty OK for dinner in AK.


Will busses still go to the AK even though it will be closed at that point? If possible, I’d rather take a bus to an open park (MK or Epcot) and transfer from there.


That is a great option and have had made note of it.
Will discuss at our our meeting for ADR’s tomorrow night



If AK closes at 5 PM, buses will stop running by 7, so you will have no choice but to connect through one of the open parks (probably Epcot which has service until 11) or DTD. And AK does usually close at 5 or 6 in the fall.


We are planning on doing AK on Sept. 16th as it has EMH till 8pm


With an 8 PM EMH closing, the buses will run until 10 (or should anyway).


I agree with those that said leave and eat some where else. Although, we ate at Tusker House and it was pretty good. However, I agree with Wish, go to Boma, you will love it!