Dinner w/Cindarella at 1900 Park Fare


Now that we have made up our mind which resort to stay at…now we have to try and get a character meal! :pinch: Decisions, decisions. My 3 1/2 yr old loves the princesses, but the breakfasts are full. We are doing this last minute as we will be in WDW a month from now :mickey: I do have a reservation at 1900 Park Fare for the Cindarella dinner. Anyone been to this, and what do you think? Is it worth it? Or would another be better if we could get in? Also, is there a chance we could get in last minute at the Princess Story Book breakfast in Epcot?

Thanks to everyone here on the boards…this is so helpful for a newbie :frostyang


Try for the breaksfast in Norway, you may be surprised. I would also try once you get down there. People do cancel. I have heard nothing but good reviews of the 1900 Park Fare dinner, so keep that one too. Crystal Palce with Pooh and the gang in MK, Chef Mickeys’ at the Comtemporary, Breakfastsaurus at AK and Liberty Tree Tavern are all great character meals. If the breakfast is full for Crystal Palace, try for a lunch PS…they do character meals all day and night. Breakfastsaurus in AK is a great fun. The characters and the CM are a blast there.


Also, if what you REALLY want is the Cinderella breakfast in the castle, I would keep calling back again and again. That’s how I got in last year, I just made a pest of myself until there was finally an opening. Good luck :wink:


We did 1900 Park Fare. My girls loved it. Fairy Godmother was in the lobby for photos. She was very sweet. She told my girls that not all princes have castles but to keep believing and one day they would meet their prince. Suzy and Perla, the mice, came by our table at least four times. Cinderella came by three times. Prince Charming came by only once, but he was busy with all the grandmas who were there “ooohhing and ahhhing” over him. :laugh:

There was plenty of variety on the buffet, from fresh salad and fruit to pasta, veges, meats, etc. There was also a “kids” buffet available to everyone that had mac-n-cheese and some other items that I can’t recall.

Service was good. The kids had a wonderful time.

We also did the Norway Princess Breakfast. We saw Mary Poppins, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas and Princess Aurora. Food was good. They bring it to your table and serve it family style. These princesses only came to the table once and didn’t linger too long. Mary Poppins, though not truly a princess, was simply delightful!

They do PACK people in for this breakfast. We kept bumping into the people sitting behind us whenever we tried to move. But, that was okay–we got to talking to them and found out that they lived only 40 miles from us! And then a song popped into my head . . . “It’s a small world after all …”

And for the Norway breakfast, make sure you allow yourself enough time to walk back to Norway. We underestimated the line to get into Epcot at opening and were almost late.

Have fun!


My girls are grown now, but their fondest little girl memories are of 1900 Park Fare - either for breakfast or dinner. One thing to consider is your children. Mine were the kind that didn’t like too much craziness going on around them - so Chef Mickey’s always kind of overwhelmed them. Park Fare is a quieter, less hectic setting. Mary Poppins used to be at the breakfast, and Cinderella at dinner and I particularly remember how quietly and nicely they interacted with the children. Also, IMHO, the food at 1900 is the best buffet at WDW.