Dinning in 2008 question


Ok I know I should have caught this earlier but it has just come to my attention that not only is the tip not included in the 2008 dinning plan but you also have to pay tax. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure what that might run per “table” meal for a family of four.


If you pay out of pocket I would say anywhere from $80-$100.00 woth 2 adults and 2 kids. The tax is included in the food part I think. I had the same question last week and was told that tax will be included just not tip


The tax is included. I believe part of the reason they’ve stopped the tip after so many years is that people have complained they get lousy service and the waiter couldn’t care because he’s got a guaranteed 18% tip regardless of how good or bad they do. Service for guests with meal inclusive plans used to be served very well, but since the DDP has so many more guests than ever before, some CMs are cutting corners.


As mentioned, tax will be included for all meals in 2008, but gratuities will not be. You can get a good idea what a meal will cost by looking at the WDW menus:

Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World

Remember, in 2008, the Disney Dining does not include an appetizer, so don’t figure that into the price total.


We were on DDP back in 2006 - but we were 4 adults and our bills were anywhere fromm 100-250 depending on meals.


One thing I’ve noticed is a World wide trend towards table service entrees at dinner running between $18 and $22. They used to be higher in many places and there was also a little more of a selection.