Dinning plan and add ons


When u are on the dinning plan can you add. You know when for say you order steak it says add on shrimp or ribs or something for 3.99 or what ever. Are you able to do this and not be charged extra and it all included on plan?? Sorry i sound so confusing. I think I am confused!! :glare:


Yep, you can get those added on without charge.

I also found that in CS restaurants, I could ask for french fries on the side of an item that didn’t come with it, and they were always just given to me although I’d expected to pay for them.


Disney has done a good job of indicating what is included for the dining plan in most restaurants (counter service that is). If you have any questions, just ask. We have never had a problem adding on stuff, in fact, the servers usually ask if we want it or not. Never been charged, it is included. The only thing on the menu not included would be the combo-dessert, the one that has a sample of each dessert. You usually have to pay a bit more for that option if you want it.


Thanks Mickey!! That was my next question about the combo dessert.


now I just seen at Le Cellier you can add on a lobster tail. I doubt that is included on the plan!!


No is isn’t. We ordered that and they charged us extra for it. We have found that most places will let you add on for free but some do not. Just ask! :mickey:


However, at Spoodles you can add the shrimp AND the scallops to your steak for NO additional charge (unless it has recently changed).


You still can! :mickey:


Oh man… No lobster… hahahahhaha Only kidding… I dont even like lobster…


You may not be able to add on lobster tail, but the night we were there the special was a surf and turf type deal with a NY sirloin and the lobster tail and that was included on the plan. My mom got it and was in heaven!

The servers we encountered were all very generous with the add-ons. In fact, when I turned down an add on of scallops at the Kona Cafe ( I don’t eat shellfish), the server asked my mom if she wanted them (she had already added on shrimp to her meal.) Needless to say, my mom was stuffed after that meal! :wink: