Dinning plan and the restaurant menue's


Do all of the restaurants on the DDPan make you use a different menu (with fewer choices) than that of the regular menus?


No. Momma’s has a restriced menu for the Fantasmic! package, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the dining plan. To the best of my knowledge, you can get whatever you want on the menu. I have never heard otherwise. I know some items were taken off the menu in certain restaurants last year during the free dining thing, but you are allowed to order anything you want on the menu they present you.


Yup, the only time i have heard of that is at Mama’s with the Fantasmic package. Some places I have heard limit your dessert choices, but I have never experienced that. Some places even let us take a dessert to go!


What a relief! I started to think about this when I realized (or shoudl I say read) that the Mama’s package was different!!! I thouht that you could choose off the regular menu since allearsnet.com and other sites don’t list DDP menues but I just wanted to confirm. Thanks again!


No problem nokey! Ask as many questions as you need. You cna never be to prepared for a WDW trip…ever.


Yep, it’s all very cool. A co-worker of mine beat up the DDP at LeCellier - not matter how you say it - he said we he received the room charge summary that showed LeCellier itemized charges and, as expected, all covered by DDP the savings was terrific.

He was more pleased than his cardiologist…


Actually, last year we had the DDP and at Teppanyaki Mitsukosi (spelling??) at Japan at Epcot, we were only given a portion of the menu to order from, they limited what desserts we could order, as well as what appetizers. I thought it was a little strange, as it was the only place that had any kind of restrictions to the plan. Don’t know if they’ve changed it since then, but that was last year.


At Le Cellier and Chefs de France,if we wanted the dessert sampler platter,my mother and I had to have one platter between the two of us on the free dining plan.


We were there a few weeks ago and we could get anything but sushi on the dining plan.


I can’t remember anyplace limiting their menus last September…if they did take some things off, nothing was missed, we had plenty to choose!


We ran into no restrictions except at Cal Grill when we found we could have any of the sushi APPETIZERS $18 and under. That was good enough for me!

We saved close to $700 on the plan last summer (I kept the receipts).