Dinning plan for children under 3


Hello everyone,
I am planning another trip and we have a child going this time that will be 2 at the time of the trip. We will be using the dinning plan and I have read that the dinning plan is for children 3-9, so what about the younger children? How do we handle their meals? (She is small but likes to eat!) I have used the dinning plan serveral times but never for a child. Thanks!


You can’t purchase DDP for children under three, but they can eat off of your plate (well… ask for a separate plate and they can share your entree) or you can order for them off the kids’ menu.


Plus at a buffet, she can eat anything that you think that she will eat. We have done it many times.


Yes, you will need to pay OOP if she decides to order seperate kids meals.