Dinning plan tips


looking to see what they add to your bill,when you are eating for tips,grad…dose anyone know…thanks


They don’t add it, they put a “suggested amount” at the bottom of the check. Tip is just not included. I would think that 15-18%would be the normal.


We just got back, they give you two suggested tip amounts, 18% & 20%. If you have a large party, I think it may be 8 people, they automatically add the 18% tip to your bill.


thanks for clearing that up…I knew one suggested percentage was 18% and couldn’t remember what the second one was. I only knew they didn’t just add it but suggested it for parties on the dining plan under 8 people.


Your welcome. I will say I am going to have to add up the dining plan again. We just seemed to go through so much money this trip in tips. I was also surprised by how the snack options had changed. I am sure I just overlooked that part of it but was not expecting it. It used to be a snack up to $4.00. Now it is a snack up to $4.00 but a single serving $4.00 snack. So where we used to use up our snacks on the last day and buy cookies, pretzels and crackers to bring home you can no longer do that because they serve more than one person. Even though the cookies only cost $3.00. :confused:


What?? I didn’t know they did that either!! That stinks! We always like to load up on that kind of stuff before we head home. It makes us feel like we’re “still there”.


I’ve found no real change in snacks.
You can still use them all up on bottles of water, mouse crispy bars, and key lime tarts, etc. After our last trip we had 3 snacks left so I cashed them in on 3 key lime tarts. Granted, I did have a cooler and they’d be in a real refrigerator in about 5 hours or less.
If I was properly equipped, we could have taken home gelato from the Beach Club Marketplace, but that’s a real big IF.

Edit: What I did find funny was that there was no explanation why the $3 cannoli wasn’t on the plan, but the over $4 gelato was.
Worked out for me, I paid for the less expensive item and saved a snack credit.


It’s parties of 6 or more and they automatically add an 18% tip, dining plan or no.


Being new to the DP I find all these posts and tips really useful, because I guess until you’re actually doing the plan it can be a little confusing.


WoW! I’m bummed about that change too! I always really look forward to bringing back snacks too. When did that change?:huh: