Dinning Plan?


We are on the dinning plan, when do you let your waitress know, before or after your meal?


They generally ask you first thing. :smile:


We were usually asked by the hostess before we were even seated. We were not on the plan though.


Most of the time we were asked before being seated and again by our server before he/she took our drink order. There were a couple of times when our server didn’t ask and I said something before we ordered.


They will also ask when you make your ADR.


They want to know before. I swear some of them want to know how hard they have to work for their tip.


I always tell them if they dont ask. I want to be sure I know what is available to me before I order.


I agree! I think they shouldn’t have to ask at all. If dining plan is linked to you
Room key then automatically deduct the appropriate meal w/o the server knowing but with the new plan I guess it doesn’t matter since gratuity isn’t included…

Sorry OP…stepping down from soap box:blush:


You know - I think I agree with you on this one. But it is a common thing to happen in any resturant - even WDW. :laugh:


I don’t ever remember them asking, but we always told the server when ordering, but that was over 2 years ago when the DP was newer, so I think they are more used to it now. I always thought they were more interested in whether you had the plan because of all the menu items included. The tip reason makes sense too, but I’m not sure how many people are leaving additional tips for superior service?

Prezcatz Paul


They ask when you make your ADRs, when you check in and then your servier will confirm…that’s the way it worked for us anyway.


They did the same for us also.


Im not sure if they asked for the ADR when we went since I didnt’ make any of them (my aunt-in-law is a hugh organizer and insisted it would be easier if she did it all). But I know that they asked when we checked in and then again before we ordered. I only had one problem with service so I never thought about them wondering how hard they would have to work but its a good point.


When I confirmed my ADRs the other day, they asked me.
You’d think they have that already in their system.
I agree with suitedisney, they want to know how hard they have to work for you :pinch:


I was asked ahead at every meal when doing the free ddp.