Dinning suggestions PLEASE!


Hello all MBer’s! So I have less than 24 days till we leave I can’t believe it :wub:, but I still need a few more dinning ressies :ohmy:!

I have a few made: LeCellier, Teppan Edo, & GF-1900 Park Fare, all new for us & all for dinner.
Maya Grill for breakfast.
I need 2 or 3 more, any suggestions? The MK, AK, or HS, mainly for sit down.
I’m not looking for any too extravagant.

Thanks so much~

Oh and when they have magic hours are the restaurants open later???


My family always enjoys Crystal Palace as a good standby place in MK.


try The tusker house for breakfast at the AK. It is a mickey character meal…
Try sci fi, or 50’s prime time cafe at the HS. Good luck!


Yak & Yeti at AK?

Wolfgang Puck at DTD?

Chefs de France at Epcot?

Crystal Palace at MK

Personally, I don’t think there really is anything too great at the Studios…

Not at a Park, but at the Poly, the Kona Cafe is good food in a very relaxed atmosphere - and it’s only a monoride away from the MK.


I would also say Crystal Palace as it is all three meals u can have there. Also chef mickys maybe


We also like Liberty Tree in MK - it’s not a character meal anymore, but VERY good food & portions are HUGE!! Also, a quick boat ride from MK is Ohana at the Poly- we tried that for the first time last year & LOVED IT!! :wub:


Crystal palace always gets my vote for breakfast, especially with a reservation that gets you in so early you have main street to yourself!


How about Whispering Canyon or O’Hanna. I know they are at a resort but they are both easy to access from MK by boat.

Crystal Palace in MK is another favorite.

Tonys in MK if you can reserve a table on Main Street at a time when the parade goes by.

                                     BON APPETIT!


I love LTT as well so wish they would make it a charater meal again. I think it was my fav back in the day.


If you’re thinking of Maya Grill for breakfast, don’t bother with the buffet. It didn’t impress me.
Tusker House is a very hard reservation to get for breakfast but pretty easy to get for lunch.
Crystal Palace is good for any meal and usually much easier to get than Chef Mickey’s.

Tokyo Dining for sushi and tempura.
Boma for breakfast or dinner.
Yak and Yeti
Maya Grill for dinner.
Tutto Italia
Kona Cafe for any meal.
Cape May Cafe for breakfast.
And of course there’s Yachtsman’s Steakhouse, Flying Fish Cafe, Narcoossee’s, California Grill, and Citrico’s.


I agree with the above posts and LOVE crystal palace for breakfast. Don’t care for their lunch or dinner however, but I am not normal with that opinion…don’t go by me. I also love Whispering Canyon and Ohanna for places close to the MK. As for Studios, I only like Momma’s and tend to stick to CS when there. ABC and backlost express are consistantly decent enough. You could easily pop in to Boma or Rainforest Cafe while at AK. Rainforest at the AK is the only one I will go to. It’s always excellent. Early lunch, early dinner or breakfast is the least crowded with the smallest wait time for a table.


BOMA … Man that is the one place we forgot to try two weeks ago. I wanted to try that . Tinker, your going to have to try it for me !!! :laugh:


Crystal Palace or the Liberty Tree Tavern at MK, Tusker House at AK.


OK seeing how your twisting my arm, I’ll go! :laugh::laugh:
One down…


Thanks gang loved all the recommendations as always!
Dana, I’m with you- I don’t think CP is for me, so your not alone.

I think we are going to go with Boma, thanks Wall, my DH thought it was a good idea too, we always seem to over look that place.

And maybe we won’t eat at HS, for a sit down.
As for MK I’m thinking Liberty Tree.

Thanks again everyone… toot-a-loo