Dinning Tomorrow!


We get to book dinning tomorrow for our trip in January and we are choosing Kona Café in the Polynesian and Teppan Edo in EPCOT. Right now i’m second guessing our choice at Kona Café and looking into something else for that night. It needs to be around or in the Magic Kingdom. Any help would be great.


Try Ohana… it is a little more upscale, plus it is all you can eat… look at allearsnet.com for the menu.


I’d stick with Kona Cafe.
Plus they’ve got a better selection than 'Ohana does.


Whatever you do…if you go to Tonys Town Square in the MK stay away from the cheesecake! lol. It was NOT good! But the food was delish!


Just looked up Ohana and it doesn’t look like us, thanks everyone :).


We didn’t think Ohana’s sounded like us either and then we tried it. Now we love going there every trip! :wub:


I’m happy to report that we got Le Cellier Steakhouse <3333, Kona as planned.


OHHHH- good choice. You will like them all!!!


EEEWWWW:blow: there is nothing worse than bad cheesecake!!! well, im sure there is but bad cheesecake is really bad!!