Dinosaur (AK), help settle a little tiff


OK, well not so serious as a tiff but me and a dear friend cannot agree on something. Is Andy Dick part of the Dinosaur attraction? What does he do? Is he in the pre-show movie?

Can you remember anything he says/does?




It’s Phllyisca Rashad (Clare Huxtable) and a man who sort of resembles Andy Dick…but is not him…He has the same “standy up hair” and glasses…but his hair is brown not blonde…they have sort of the same build…so I can see how one would think it was him…but I ride that ride at least 600 times a visit, and I can’t stand Andy Dick…so I am sure he’s something I’d remember.


No, he isn’t. It would be funny if he was…nothing funny about that ride at all except hearing the grown men scream like little girls…lol


That guy with Phylicia Rashad is Wallace Langham, and he has been in a bunch of stuff on TV over the last few years – he does look a little like Andy Dick, I guess…


He appears on CSI:Crime Scene Investigations alot.


I remember him best as Josh on Veronica’s Closet with Kirstie Ally


Thank You!


I’m with Bella on this, I HATE Andy Dick. So I’d hate Dinosaur even more if he was there corroding Disney.

LOL Dana, you’re absolutely right about the grown men! Except for Pete, he’s too busy laughing until he cries at how much that rides scares me. Every photo on that ride you can never see my face 'cause it’s buried in Pete’s shirt.:crying:

Where’s Darth Tortoise to back me up?


Thank God it’s not Andy Dick… Every time I watch CSI and see this Wallace guy, I get a big smile on my face cause it makes me think of WDW… :happy:

Does this ride really scare grown men? I hardly think so…


Maybe you’re just more manly than most, but I’ve ridden that cursed ride many a time, and seen many a grown man freak out!


I love that ride and would not want to see Andy DICK there. He’s horrible.

ps. Empress, pssst, white out your “Xs” in your squiggle…:whistling:


Hey, how do you do the squiggle? I want one.


Maybe you’re right, I am pretty manly… :laugh:


I went on it with my DD for the first time a few years ago and there were two grown men behind me screaming like little girls…I nearly peed in my pants listening to them.


Yeah, I bet this ride makes Andy Dick scream like a little girl! :tongue:


Who is Andy Dick and why does everyone hate him?


I don’t like him either…


Just copy one from a post and past it into your signature. Change the words and white out the x’s :smile:


I had such a awesome experience on Dinosaur the first time I rode it. I had a big grin the entire time.

The following trip just wasn’t as good as the first time.

BTW, You guys really think those two guys look alot alike? :huh:


Not I. Not in the least. He is so un-Disney I think. Really sleezy. brrrrrrrr