Dinosaur Restaurant?


Has anyone been to that dinosaur thmed restaurant in Downtown Disney? Not sure what its called. Is it scary for little ones? Is it dark? Are the dinosaurs animatronic?:blink:


I have not been but it is called T-Rex


I’ve been. It’s about as dark as Rainforest Cafe. The dinos are animatronic and come to life like the animals in RC do. Instead of a thunderstorm they have a meteor storm. I think it could be scary for kids with the dark and the loud noises… but I’d say if they’ve been to RC and enjoyed that, they would probably like this too.


We walked in to check it out this spring and when the meteor shower hit my kids went running and screaming out of the store. They were 2/4/6 and literally I had to chase after them. They were terrified.

It looks like a fun place, but for older kids or kids that don’t scare easily.


[QUOTE=Mickey Mom;993393]We walked in to check it out this spring and when the meteor shower hit my kids went running and screaming out of the store. They were 2/4/6 and literally I had to chase after them. They were terrified.

It looks like a fun place, but for older kids or kids that don’t scare easily.[/QUOTE]

I might have been there when that happened because my mom and I walked in to see what it was like and a kid ran into me with tears coming down his face total fear… maybe it just happens often.

I have to agree, its for older kids or kids who don’t scare easy! I think it was A LOT louder than the RC!


I think it would be scarier for kids than RC. It was a pretty cool place, but I could definitely see it scaring little ones.


Just checking out the retail shop was loud and very very crowded. Not sure what month we did this, but I know it was the middle of the week and mid afternoon.


We ate there last October. It’s like the RF with different names and themes. Instead of a storm in the rain forest, there is a meteor shower storm somewhere on Earth a million years ago. They happen every 15? minutes or so. It could be scary for younger children.


My friends were there this June with their kids, ages 6 & 8, and they loved it.


We have eaten there about 4 times in three trips. All of our grand kids are in their 20s so can’t say they would be frightened. The food is very good, at least what we had, and reasonable. There were plenty of little kids there and although I did notice some clinging to the parents when the meteor shower started I didn’t see any in great fear and running out. All in all I 2would say It’s a fun place to bring kids.


we’re eating there tonight with a 2yr old and 3 1/2 yr old. i’ll report on how they do. i’m a little worried now lol!


At there for lunch last trip. Cool place but I thought pricey AND they don’t take DINING PLAN!!!


They aren’t kids, there babies and might get too frightened.


I am worried about the baby (she’s 4) and she is scared of fireworks, pirates, witches, the dark and ants. lol


so we got back!!!
my 2 yr old who is afraid of nothing LOVED it!!! except she colored on some rocks oops! my 3yr old who is afraid of everything, was scared to death of the t rex at the entrance. we manuevered our way to the table and both girls were fine except they were fighting over crayons. when the meteor shower came on, they were so quiet. i was hoping that they would keep having them. we walked around the restaruant and nina was petting a baby mammoth. it then lifted its nose and did whatever mammoth noise they make. she jumped and looked scared but then went right back to petting it!!! we did build a dino which was great until the birth certificate part when they decided they could care less about the dinos and wanted to play with the computers. overall, we had ALOT of fun!!!


Awesome. I think perhaps I will try it then…whats the worst that can happen? I have to leave or Maddie will just sit on my lap through dinner. The pictures look cool.


We were there a few weeks ago and there were kids everywhere and I didn’t see any of them crying. I’ll tell you this, though. It’s a noisy place.


i personally didn’t think it was THAT loud. not any louder than rainforest. my girls were definitely “interested” in the meteor shower. it was the only time they were quiet and not fighting over crayons. i got some pictures i will post tonight.
if your little one is too scared of the dinosaurs, ask to be seated by the bar where there’s jellyfish but nothing really scary (we had to walk through there because my 3 yr old was afraid that the trex would eat her. we sat by the stegosaurus which was great since i pointed out that they only eat plants. plus they didn’t move very much or make a lot of noise. there was also a big triceratops shaped booth you could sit in that i think kept you away from the dinosaurs. and there’s a room you can sit in that looks like an ice cave with a trex skeleton. that’s where the mammoths were, but they were towards the outside of it, so if you sit on the inside, you’re not near any scary dinos. so there are some dino free seats if she is too scared to sit near one. plus if she gets too terrified there’s a little dig area like the one at animal kingdom that you can take her to play in while everyone else is eating and switch off. but i REALLY think she’ll be ok. there were TONS of kids there and the only ones i saw crying were mine when we had to pry them away from the computers at build a dino lol!!!


here’s some pictures. they’re not as good as i was hoping to show you the non dino parts though:( the last pic is of the triceratops booth. it doesn’t show the booth part though:(


We ate there. Didn’t really care for it. They make you wait in two lines before getting seated. I didn’t appreciate standing in the RAIN waiting for our table. The food was okay, average chain style cooking. Glad we went, probably wouldn’t go back