Direct TV in Resorts? Service downgrade


While the cable tv in the room certainly isn’t the most important thing, I was disappointed to see Direct TV service in the Boardwalk last weekend.

First, the weather channel’s Local on the 8’s is gone. No local radar to check, no local temps. Boo, hiss, hiss!!! :mad:

Then I noticed that there were a large number of channels that were SUPPOSED to be on, were just “NO SIGNAL” and the signal was breaking up on other channels. Boo, hiss, hiss!!! :mad:

I used to have sat internet service and anytime there was ANY weather it shut down to almost dial up speeds - and my antenna had a GREAT sky view as I was at the airport with nothing blocking the sky at all!

Anybody else noticed a decline in the service at WDW?


That’s one thing I dislike about U-verse, the loss of actual local weather from TWC.
Dish and Direct have the same problem, when the local is supposed to run, instead, you’re “treated” to the national regional current weather.
At least, now that I have an Android, I have the Weather channel app for local weather (LBV is one of my locations) and I can also check out local Orlando stations’ radar.

Now, it is curious that Disney, who maintain all their own utilities in Reedy Creek, including cable, have decided to switch to a direct satellite provider. Especially when they will insist on adding their own channels and advertising.
Where is the cost savings?
On the other hand, I know that Swolphin have been Direct TV for quite some time now.

Decline in service at WDW?
They’ve been nibbling at the edges for years.


Hmmm I don’t know if I actually watched much TV when I am at WDW so I haven’t really noticed a decline. Most of the people I know that have satellite always complain about the signal, especially if there is bad weather.


The Weather Channel and the local on the 8’s is vital to us planning our daily schedule. The loss of that SU^$#*(&S!!!


You mean the TVs get something besides Tip Of The Day?

The first few years we could not pull DD2 away from that channel, now it is a standing family joke.



I won’t lament the satellite TV—except for the WC…we are never in our room to watch TV—except the news in the morning. I have a smartphone now, so I guess I’ll rely on my apps for weather when there at the World.

I am excited that we have free WiFi now though!! To me, that’s a great trade off. I would much rather have that than cable TV. I have an ipad and can now take it with me to use in the room. YAY!!!


It isn’t vital to planning the daily schedule.
It’s mission critical.
That local radar is most important of all.
We do go back to our room during the day and I do check constantly.
If I detect a storm heading in, we’ll sometimes hang back in the room for it to pass. It’s also important to know if you’re going to get caught in a shower so you can decide what extra supplies to bring (ponchos, umbrellas, dry shoes and socks or other footwear).

But these days, most of us have at least one device that connects to the internet, and with that, you can still get and also local stations’ local radar, which is sometimes better than Weather Channel’s.

I do know that since we switched to U-verse at home, I don’t bother with TWC on TV, only the web. That will change once we get into hurricane season when I start following tropical updates.


A word about the free wifi in WDW.
They have content filters in place and there are specifically banned sites, places like South Park Studios. I didn’t try Adult Swim or Comedy Central though.
This makes it a near certainty that the truly adult content sites are also locked out.

About room TV. About all we (I) watch would be MSNBC, Sunday morning talking heads if I’m in the room (also, Meet The Press repeats a few times during the day and night), quick check ins of ESPN for scores, maybe football during season, and I guess I’ll be watching P&F and their antics on the two Disney channels.
But beyond that, we travel with a large selection of DVDs for unedited commercial free entertainment, seeing as WDW has yet to offer one of the premium movie channels.


We don’t watch tv much at WDW. The kids peek at it in the morning while getting ready, DH may catch the scores on an afternoon break if we’re there in the fall and at night when going to bed it’s background noise to me.

I guess we’re the exception when it comes to satellite. It can be storming here and not so much as a flicker in channels. In the past 10yrs I can count on 1 hand how many times we’ve lost service due to weather.


But at least the most important channel…my absolute all time fav…the pirate appliance guy, is still there! :laugh:


I guess we’re the exception when it comes to satellite. It can be storming here and not so much as a flicker in channels. In the past 10yrs I can count on 1 hand how many times we’ve lost service due to weather.[/QUOTE]

Weather is the single biggest reason I won’t go with direct satellite.
With the rains we get in Florida, I couldn’t stand that potential for service disruption.
Reason two is that with cable or satellite, we’d need to fully rewire upstairs because the cables are not up to current standard and the drop line to the ground floor is bad.
With U-verse, we’ve got two wireless receivers upstairs and downstairs is all on CAT 5 network cable, not TV coax.
And it was a lot less trouble to set up!


I stayed concierge level for five days two weeks ago. More than once I checked with the concierges regarding the five channels showing “no signal”. Each time they brought out their updated list and the Weather Channel was clearly shown as Channel 50. A friend staying down the hall tried and got the same result. Since I drive 2 1/2 hours, it was important to see the radar in order to gauge the best time to head home on the last day.


We noticed that last week. The only thing we did not like that they did not have the Disney Junior Channel for DS to watch when we took our afternoon break.


Well, with our smartphones, we can get the weather report, right?


It’s nice to see the active radar on a bigger screen than my phone or laptop. That’s my real problem with the WC format change. Blame it on old eyes.


I’ve been trying to make the same point.

Rich, I’m not thrilled with the latest version for the TWC website, but it is still workable.
You can also switch the radar there to the “classic” view from the hybrid Bing/Radar map. If that’s your gripe.


Shtopp it, Rich. You know you are being silly now :huh:


Silly??? Oh how I wish. But it’s reality. In a perfect world I would have 4 different cuts in my glasses to bring stuff at different distances into focus (12" to far distance). When looking at my phone screen I usually have to look under the bottom edge of my frames to see it clearly.


…I have trifocals and they were set up so the bottom portion of the glasses is for close up reading…which includes the phone too…:slight_smile:


…just got an iPhone update on the weather channel app…it’s all I really need for WDW…I’ve already set it up for Lake Buena Vista weather…also have the new app that’s actually done by Disney so…I’m good without any tv in the room actually! We are hardly ever in the room to see it…like I said the Wifi is more important to me…