DIS Forum?


I don’t know if this is an appropriate question since this is a different forum but I always checked the DIS forum. I can’t seem to do that recently. Have they just stopped or are the experiencing technical difficulties? Some of the posters here seem to have the same screen names but maybe that’s just a coincidence.


I often use the DIS forums for information, though I have never joined. ( http://www.disboards.com ) I noticed about two weeks ago that they were having hosting problems, and that a couple of days ago, they were back up for a little while, before going down again. I just checked, and they are currently up. It looks like they may be back up permenantly, though their site has been very slow the last three weeks.

I don’t consider them a competitor, they are a great resource for any one planning a WDW vacation. I just get lost over there, with over 34,000 members, and about 500-600 people on at any time, it is just too impersonal, hence, DisneyCentral.com. I can totally understand how they can have technical difficulties though, with that many people on at one time, their hosting bills must be out of this world.


THe boards were down for a week or so awhile back and then I know I had trouble getting on but if I use http://www.disboards.com/ I get on fine and its a good thing I was going in withdrawls!!! :smiley: