DIS radio


Okay, I’m a complete dunce. I am not a member of DIS boards, but I’ve been playing with DIS radio lately. I googled and found a thread that told me how to listen to it on my iPhone, and I got that all set up, but today it kept shutting down. About the 4th or 5th time I tried to turn it back on it told me that I wasn’t authorized to listen to anymore sessions. Do you have to be a member on DIS boards to listen regularly? How does DIS radio work? Like I said, I’m a dunce, and I need some help, please. :blush: :laugh:


Go to iTunes under radio and you can get it there. Look for Mouseworld Radio too.


Thanks! I’ll try that!


Thank you for the Mouse World Radio suggestion. Just found an app for it and another related app that plays music from Studios. :happy:


are you able to share/ tell us what the app is please…:eek:


Studios Central Radio.:happy: Look it up under Eric Conner, the creator of Mouse World Radio.


Another great station that I listen to via Live365.com is Sorcerer Radio. I “think” they have an app as well check out srsounds.com


hey thanks for that - I’m checking it out now.

I find that WDW radio is hard to listen to some times.