Disappointed or being Picky?


I ordered a starter lanyard from Disney shopping for each of the kids- they arrived yesterday. It has two mickey pins on it and in the picture online it had a tag on the bottom that said “year of a million dreams”
I had planned on handing them to the kids when we got to the airport with our big surprise! It was supposed to be their “dream come true” but when the lanyards arrived they only have a clear pastic case… no tag and no card… Im pretty upset about it. Should I call? What would they do about it? I hate that every time I order from there something is wrong. The last order was a custom embroidered thing that was shifted and donald looked like he was dead and his spirit was rising from his body…:glare: They replaced that and had me donate the other one but is this worth complaining about?


Of course it’s worth complaining about. You should get what you were expecting for your money.


this is what I ordered… funny that I also was willing to ignore that it said Disneyland instead of Walt Disney World… I did not think the kids would care.

DisneyStore.com: Mickey Pin Starter Set Lanyard


Its not what you ordered, I don’t think you are being picky.


I would call FOR SURE! They advertised it like that, you should expect it!

Good Luck!


Of course you should get what you want! What if you had ordered the whole deal just to get that card? They should have no problem correcting it!


what are they going to do to correct it though? They cant send me the card and they could have me return it but it was 25% off because of the pin sale and I got them for $7.50 each- that is $3.75 per pin if you look at it that way. Not to mention that I paid for shipping to get here… I ordered a few small things as well to get that cheaper shipping… I have never heard them discounting for it not being what I ordered… only that they will send me a shipping label to mail it back with. So do I just make my own cards and put them in them? I wonder if I could return them to the Disney store instead. At the disney store they are selling them for a lot more I think…


You could always make a special personalized card to put in the plastic case for each of their lanyards. You could use Disney clip art, etc. that pertains to each child’s interests. Just a suggestion.


Get the receipt, that that to the Disney store, see if they will help you out. I think you should get what you ordered. no where does it say that the item is “similar to the one shown”, right?


Call Disney and give them a chance to make it right. Explain to them what you thought you were ordering and then explain what you received. Disney does make mistakes, but I truely believe it is how they go about making them good that sets Disney apart from others. Tell them your dilemna and let them come up with a solution - it is what they do - and you might be surprised how the whole situation is resolved.

Good Luck! :mickey:


Call them, maybe they can just send you the card.


I agree, maybe they can just send them the card. Otherwise I would just let them know about your dissatisfaction over the matter.

I like the idea of making them personalized cards too. I hope this gets resolved in a way you are happy with.


Each and every time we have had an issue with our Disney.com | Shopping | Home order they have always corrected it by either sending a replacement OR refunding my money (and allowing me to keep the item). It’s worth a phone call…


well that was a bust- she told me that I could either return them at my cost or return them to the disney store…the gas to drive to the disney store is more $ than shipping…UGH!


I think you are being a big baby.

Send me the stuff and order new stuff,
If that will make you feel any better, I’m here to help.


I knew I could count on you to help:glare: :laugh:


Which is why I am here, my dear.


Well that stinks…


I think their response is unfair when its going to cost you to return the goods. Could you just email them and say you were disappointed with the lanyard not being like the picture and their response? because nowhere on the page does it say ‘card not included’ its very misleading I would have expected the card too


What did she say when you explained that it isn’t as advertised??