Disappointing Character interaction


On our last trip about a week ago, my daughter was standing in line at MGM to get Goofy’s autograph. She had been searching for him all week, as he is her favorite character. In fact, that day she was dressed in a blue Goofy tshirt and a Goofy hat (the kind that looks like his face, with the droopy ears hanging down.) :mickey: After waiting awhile, the escort said that Goofy has to leave now, and gave the child in front of her a balloon signifying the end of the line. :glare: My daughter started crying and asked please, he’s my favorite, but sure enough Goofy was whisked away, leaving my child crying on the sidewalk. I realize that the characters need breaks, especially in the hot sun. There must be a way though to service those in line and then just stop anyone else from getting in line so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else’s child. It was heartbreaking. It certainly didn’t make for a magical experience. I must say that at other venues(character meals) the characters were especially nice and very accomodating to all. I sure hope this was an exception and doesn’t happen to anyone else.


I’ve seen them stop people from getting in line and I have seen the characters leave for short breaks and then come back. But I have never seen them leave a child standing in line like that. I hope your daughter got to see Goofy some place else. He is one of my DS’s favorites.


We saw Goofy at MK last year and started to get in the line to see him. The CM stopped us before we got to the line and said that he would be leaving.

I was disappointed, but it sure sounds better than what you got!

I’m so sorry - I hope you got to see him later!


We did catch up to Goofy later on in the week at Chef Mickey’s. I really recommend to everyone that can afford it to do the character meals. They come to every table for photos and autographs and no one is disappointed.


I had a similar experience in Epcot at the Toy store in one of the countries. Pooh and Eeyore were there for photos and my DD (pooh is her favorite) was glad to see them somewhere other than Crystal Palace. There was no line and one girl getting a photo/autogrpahs. When me and my DD attempted to get in line, we were turned away. My DD wasn’t in tears, but a bit put-off. I made her laugh by telling her Pooh had to use the potty and couldn’t hold it in anymore…what else was I suppose to say? That was the only time I have had that happen . We have seen the balloon thingy and have just missed out on characters before, but I have never been turned away like that…oh well. Must have been a long night for Pooh. I am so sorry that your DD was so hurt. I don’t know how Goofy managed to walk away. I wouldn’t have been able to leave a crying child behind. I hope she saw him somewhere else. :heart:


We ran into the “line ending balloon” in MGM, in front of Mickey’s Hat. I understand that the CM’s have to be strict about the characters schedules and all, but why don’t they have another of the same character waiting when the first goes on their break and take their place?? The children would never know! This would give a more time for the kids to get to see their favorite characters. You know they have extra costumes to do it. It’s just plain “crazy”.