Discount codes for Disneyland Hotels?


Do they ever offer discount codes for the Disneyland Hotels in January? If so, when would they likely come out?


I can’t answer your question fully, sorry, but there are Disneyland experts on these boards that’ll come out soon to help you. It’s too early for them now,they are on west coast time :rollyeyes: :laugh:

I don’t know if you are AAA member, but they offer great discounts on DLR packages which include room and park tickets.

Hope this helps till the experts come out. :mickey:


They do, but I suspect it will be two to three months prior. At least for the Annual Passholders.


Disneyland is different than WDW. They don’t offer discount codes and the like. They have basically two discounts a year, kids free in the spring and fourth night free in the Fall. They have yet to announce either for 2007, so I would hold off until they announce the one for January (should be soon). This applies to packages only.


Okay, us west coasters are up and at 'em.

Like Ingamba said, AAA is a great way to book. Not only can you save a few hundred dollars on a package, but you are still eligible for the fourth night free and kids play free deals when they are running. But their discounts run all year round. :smile: