Discount codes


I am curious as to when and where to find any discount codes available. Not going to WDW till January of 2007 but i figure it isn’t too early to research all i can. Thanks. :mickey:


Usually whenever there is a discount code, will have it. I would definitely check that site out. :mickey:


Discount codes are more or less a thing of the past.

Disney has changed the way discounts are given to both the general public and Annual Passholders. Recent discount codes have been generally limited to Florida Passholders.

If you’re staying for at least 7 days (or plan for 2 4 day trips in a year) then you could consider an annual pass. With an annual pass, you can use Disney’s Key Rate program to get the best possible rate on your room, so long as you’re willing to book a couple months in advance.

Otherwise, the “Magic Your Way” program is actually pretty good, especially if you’re planning on staying 6 or 7 days.

Poke around and ask a lot of questions. There are plenty of us here that will share whatever we know.