Discount coupons


We went to DS and was given a BOGO coupon for lunch within the park. It was nice treat. There were a few stipulations such as you had to eat lunch before 11:30 or between 2:30-4:30.

We also visited MK and received a 20% off coupon with the same time frame.


Is that a new concept? I’ve not heard of that before, but great for you.


Funny you mention this…we got a coupon at the bottom of our receipt yesterday from Columbia Harbour House that offered 20% off anything at certain shops. One of them was Mickey’s Star Traders so we thought about using it since it expires this Saturday and we were only there for the day, but it was only valid from 9-12.

Didn’t work for us this time, but I like the concept…I’ll definitely look more closely at my receipts from now on!


We also got those Tinker Mel. The lunch coupons ended 4/10/10. I do not know if they were offering anymore or if it was just a promotional thing for spring break.


Thanks You for the heads up … We’ll be sure to check our receipts when we are there in May! :pirate:


Ooo I keep hearing about this! I hope they keep this idea up until we get there in September! Disney Discounts :slight_smile:


:laugh:I Want Coupons!!! What a great idea…If any one from WDW is listening…I will be there next week:laugh: