Discount Disney Merchandise?


Has anyone tried these outlet stores for good Disney Merchandise? Are they worth visiting? If so any preference?

 • Disney's Character Premiere store, located at the Orlando Premium Outlets
 • Disney's Character Warehouse store at Prime Outlets Orlando, Mall 1 (formerly Belz Factory Outlet World).
 • Character Corner store at Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores


not tried them yet but i’m going in 11 days (yay) so i am going to check them out and i will get back to you :slight_smile:


We always go to the one at the premium outlets.


We always go to the premium outlet.


We have always went to the premium outlets too. I thought they had a good selection of merchandise, but you just have to know your prices.


We do the Premium Outlet too.


Usually go to Premium. Haven’t been to the other since it was Belz. It’s hit or miss. Not a lot of variety in sizes, mostly really small or really large. A lot more Disney Cruise stuff lately than I cared for. Your best bargains imo are getting merchandise off season.
If you buy food items inside the park look on your receipt and there’s a 20% off discount of merchandise in many stores. Add that to an extra 10% if you have a Disney Credit Card and the price isn’t that much different from the outlets.


Character Corner isn’t really all that good. It’s the least of the three. For any of the stores, you have to remember that this is clearance and you aren’t going to find everything you are looking for. However, if you want something at a good price and have an open mind about what to buy, then they are great places to go. I’ve seen some really good stuff for great prices. Last time I was there in June, I found some great Disney Cruise merchandise. Was I going into the store to look for Disney Cruise merchandise? Of course not but I liked what they had. Just be flexible.


we are definately going to check out the premium outlets.
and thank you for the tip on the receipts of food in the parks. have to remember to do that :slight_smile:


Make sure to read your receipt for the restrictions because when I was there in Dec you have to make the purchase before a certain time of the day - I think it was 11am


I go to the Premium Outlet in St. Augustine and it’s awesome. If the Orlando version is anything like the St. Augustine version, it’s totally worth the trip!


There is another thread similar to this already on here but the one in St. Augustine is great and really worth going to. They have tons of good stuff and for REALLY good prices. A lot of stuff $10- under. Anyway, the kind of thing you have to see in person as the outlets don’t have very extensive websites.


Been to all of them and had some real bargains-