Discount tickets at ticketmania, mapleleaf etc


Hi, I am planning on going to WDW in fall of 2009 and I have been looking on the discount ticket sites such as ticketmania, mapleleaf, dwsavers, etc. Has anyone ever purchased their tickets from any of these places? Is it a good deal, any catches, etc? Any info would be appreciated. I did look them up on the BBB site and all are in good standing with the bureau.


I have purchased tickets from ticketmania many times and been very pleased. The tickets came very quickly, and are real. They are cheaper than the gate price, and if your register with them to recieve their newsletter, they will send you extra discounts.


I ordered & received my last tickets from Undercover tourist. I got a little bit more of a discount because I’m also a member of; as long as you sign up for their newsletter, you get a link that shows you the disounted rate from Undercover tourist.

Very pleased with the quick service; there is no tax or shipping charge added on either.

I most definately wouldn’t purchase a ticket from ebay, you have no way of knowing whether or not they’re used or still have days until you actually get to Disney.


I also bought from Undercover Tourist. I used the email link. Had no trouble. I would recommend them. Be sure to register your email at and you will get the newsletter.


Pretty sure we’ve used mapleleaf in the past and had no trouble at all!


I’ve bought from ticketmania in the past, and am now thinking about buying tickets from undercover due to the great deals from mousesavers. Anyway, its for a March trip and was wondering how early do you all really buy tickets? Have tickets, with discounts, really increased that much over a year? Looking at 4 or 5 day, Park Hopper, Water Park Plus option, w/Expiration, and seeing the 5-day at $301. Good deal?


I just purchased my tickets through Undercover Tourist and they came very quickly!! I also used the link through


Most AAA offices sell them too. If your buying 4 day hopper passes they are usually a pretty good deal.