Discounted MNSSHP tickets


Just wondering if anyone has used Maple Leaf to buy their tickets to WDW or any other theme park in the area. Are they reputable???

I have used Undercover Tourist several times for Universal & WDW hopper passes but they don’t have the rates for the tickets that we’re looking at, at the prices that Maple Leaf has.

Please…any response good or bad would be helpful. Wanting to purchase in the next day or so.



We’ve had universal tickets from maple leaf in 2000 and 2005 and have never had any problems! Our tickets where there waiting for us when we checked in and they were legitimate universal tickets that worked perfectly everytime! I’d have no worries in recommending then to other people!


Thank you Campbell87 for your response. I appreciate the information.

I wound up calling Maple Leaf and they told me that IF they got any this year, it would be for select dates and that I’d be better off purchasing in advance direct from Disney as the prices would be close to the same.

So…if anyone else might be wondering this same thing, there is your answer. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I appreciate the one reply that I had, and all the lookers on this post :biggrin:


I too have purchased from Maple Leaf and found them to be quite reputable.