Discounts are out for 7/5 to 8/5/06


According to, discounts have come out for this time period at selected resorts only…


I can’t find them. Is it on the front page?


go to


I did. The page doesn’t have anything about it. The first item is about a pod cast and then something about disney shopping discount. Is this what you see?


no- try to refresh your page!


On AOL I’m still getting the old page, but when I went to directly to the page thru microsoft explorer the new page come up. Wonder why? I’ve had this same thing happen with other sites, it seems AOL takes longer to list things. thanks.


I am waiting for the Sept discounts…<grrrr>


The Mousesavers site states for Annual Passholder Room-Only Discounts:

Travel dates: 7/5/06-8/5/06. Available only at Yacht Club, Beach Club, Boardwalk (starting at $189/night plus tax for a standard room) and at Old Key West and Saratoga Springs (starting at $159/night plus tax for a Studio). Book by 8/5/06.

These are the dates I need, but I don’t have an AP, and we are staying at the Polynesian. Ugh!


If you aren’t doing the dining plan you could get one AP just for the discount. That’s what I did last year to save a little money.


Those discounts bite!! No values available???


I’m also not too crazy about the choices that have a discount, but oh well…


As someone else said, buy one of the most limited annual passes you can. that qualifies you for the AP rate. As for Poly over Yacht/Beach, unless you need to be up by the Magic Kingdom, they’re a really good choice. Boardwalk too. That’s a pretty good price.


That is a good price for the BW, BC and YC. But the trip is paid in full, and my two sisters and their families are going too, as are my parents. If it were just my family, I would consider buying the AP to get one of the discounted room. We are less than 2 months from our Disney vacation, and I truly love the Polynesian :heart: , so I really shouldn’t be too disappointed since I am going back to WDW! :mickey:


Are these seasonal discount rates only for the on-site hotels? Or can you get a deal on park tickets too?

I might go to WDW with a friend in the summer…


An annual pass allows the passholder to get discounts on up to three rooms, if that helps at all.

These are seasonal rates for annual pass holders at the Disney deluxe resorts only, therefore, ticket prices aren’t involved. If you’re a Florida resident, there’s usually some sort of promotion or other for daily tickets.


Ah, my bad. Thanks though!


We are taking a quick trip June 1-3. Need two nights. Any discount still available for AP and Florida resident?