Discounts for December?


I wasnt too sure where I can put this but I was wondering if there are usually any discounts for December? I will be planning my 2008 Dec trip for Dec 27th to Jan 4th soon and I was wondering what may they offer. If anyone has any clue whats out there around that time please let me know. Thanks:heart:


I don’t know if there always is but there is this year. It runs through 12/23/07. It’s now priced day to day so the discount isn’t carried past that if you check in before that. My trip is 12/21-12/26, I only get the discount on the first 3 night, not the 24th & 25th.


Thanks for the info. I have hopes that maybe something will be out but if not no biggie.


You know a good source for discounts, besides Mickey of course, is to check with They list lots of good information.


Hello Tinkerbelle,

We will be down there those exact days, staying in Fort Wilderness. Couldn’t find any discounts, not as annual pass holder, AAA, even had my cousin who works for Disney Reservations look, nothing. If I come across anything I will make sure I forward info to you. Have a GREAT TRIP!!! Just a little over 3 months, YEA!!!


YES ! this web page ,this is the WDW site Walt Disney World Resort - Detecting Browser Properties . . . I am going from 11/11 to 11/18 to coranado springs all passes and dinning $2000. look for special offer


Sorry no. I answered to Quik I forgot they end the 23rd of December


Mousesavers specifically has an area that lists the history of WDW discounts.