Discounts in Sept?


Hello all! I’m back and in planning mode. I decided to take a little time away from MB when I decided to get rid if my DVC but now I’m back and can’t wait to plan my next Disney adventure. Ok. Here are the details. My youngest Disney fan, Madison, will be turning 8 in Sept.She doesn’t want a party this year she wants a trip so I decided a Disney trip just her and I. So will Disney be offering a free dining code this fall? Will they have a general code for room and or tickets? I plan on staying at AsMovies as that is one of our fav resorts filled with awesome memories. I won’t be getting a rental car and we want to get the DDP. Please let me know any and all info on discounts for that time of year. Also will MNSSHP be going on? Thanks in advance!


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I don’t know who here would know what discount are coming out before they are offered/announced. Mousesavers is usually very current with codes and even they don’t post that until right about the time it comes out. Keep checking here and Mousesavers, I’m sure there’s going to be something offered, there usually is.


I’ve figured Mousesavers but some members are talking about free dining. Do you think that may be offered to the public soon?


So, you have been hiding from us, eh. Well, welcome back. I guess you just can’t get Disney out of ya. I know they usually do have free dinning in sept. I am sure they will announance it soon. How long were you planning on staying?


Hiding just a little but I’m back :laugh: as of right now its Sept 14 to Sept 20 but if I can get off work I was thinking Friday Sept 11 to Sept 20 10 nights. Its really for her bday and its only us 2 so more likely Sept 14 to 20th. I’m getting excited but now its time to plan and pay for it. I’m having a hard time with either getting DDP or stick to counter service.


We had DDP last year and loved it. Do you want any sit down meals or just walk up? i did find that is was worth it for me.


We had the one with 1TS,1CS, and 1 snack.


I always have the DDP but its only Madison which will turn 8 and myself. I asked her where she wanted to eat and we only can think of 3 sit downs. I know I can think of more but I’m wondering which to pick. Now…if DDP is free which plan is it?


I have never been during their free dinning. I don’t know what they offer when it’s free dinning. do you? I am thinking it would be the basic plan.


Free dining has been the basic dining plan in the past.


Thanks DT, that answerd that question for me.


Thanks everyone. I’m going to be on the lookout for some promo codes


I was wondering of they may switch the free dining offer to the new counter service plan. I think free dining last year was announced some time in April.

Don’t worry, when it happens you’ll see it here.


I sure hope the free Dining plan is released for around September as thats around our vacation time too. I do know of someone here in the UK who has booked for the end of August and she reckons they got free dining plan as part of their package (CBR)


That’s right. It was announced around April. I thought may. I hope they do give out free dining. If it is the counter service is there an upgrade fee to go to the table service one? Also I imagine they may offer free dining only because the bounce back offer did and I would imagine it would go to the general public as well.


I was looking at the historical discounts for WDW the other day. - Historical Information on Walt Disney World Resort Discounts It should give you a good idea of when to watch for any discount codes. I’m also hoping for something in Sept, very close to your dates actually (Sept 16-23 or 24)! DH thinks that because they extended the 4+3 offer through summer months (practically unheard of!) that they’ll offer something even better than free dining for the fall since it’s generally a slower time. Based on Mousesavers, I’d expect to hear about the fall discounts around April 6.


DDP is usually announced for Visa cardholders staring the first week of April (we have gotten it the last 4 years). I would keep my eyes open for something coming soon. Right now they’re doing the buy 4 get 3 free promo which is good until 8/15.

Sorry about DVC, I remember you bought yours right around when we got ours.


I’ve been to WDW twice when free dining was offered in the fall (2006 & 2007). I seem to remember booking the trip in April or May when the offer was released. The dining plan that was offered was the one with 1 table service, 1 counter service and 1 snack. I’m hoping Disney offers it again this year. We’ll have to wait until their current promotion is over before any new ones come out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


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