Discounts on DVC Premium Passes before midnight tonight!


I just got wind of the $399 deal being offered for PREMIUM annual pass for DVC members. That is a $300 discount.

((sorry, my heart is still pounding because it was so cheap))

I bought the tickets – you have to access the Disney ticket store through the DVC members site, and the deal pops up. You can collect and activate the tickets before December 31 2103, but you have to order by the end of tonight.

Ticket is good for 365 days form the activation date.


This is such a great perk! We are probably only going to get one 10 day trip out of the passes but they ended up being about the same price as a 10 day hopper with the water park option added on. I’m so excited! I called DVC to order our passes and the CM warned me that I HAVE to have same credit card I used to order the passes with me when I pick up the passes at guest services. She said they are very strict about the credit card and a photo ID for all adults over age 18.


Good to know! Thanks for the heads-up about the credit card, I’ll be sure to make a note of that and let my dh know, as well. We ordered ours at 8 p.m. last night!


OK thanks – Better make sure I remember which card to take to Guest Services!!!


Also don’t forget your DVC Member card and drivers licence. They required both of those when I renewed mine.


Always a good thing to remember - I keep both on me at all times when I am WDW cause you never know when you can use the DVC card for a discount - I always ask, no matter where I am. I’ve been surprised a few times when they’ve said yes, there is a discount.