Discounts Question


For the free dinning offers do your arrival dates have to fall on the dates of free dinning offer or does only one day have to be within that time frame? For example. If the trip is August 24 till Aug. 31 and free dinning is offered Aug 28th, can it be applied to the reservation? Or would the arrival date have to be Aug 28th to the 24th of Sept?


You would have to arrive on or after the day it begins. you could also have two seperate reservations and have the 28th - 31st as free DDP if you are unable to change the dates you are going.


Thanks Dana. I booked back in August 2010 when they released free dinning for then. But my cousins missed out. There trip is driving me nut. First they are forced on use for part of our trip then my aunt and grandma expect me to do everything for the trip for them.


That is a perfect reason to book them at the END of your vacation so you don’t have to be with them the entire time. I am TOTALLY selfish about my WDW trips. I neer book people for the entire stay (made that mistake once, never again), I always end the trip with me and DD only and I never take responsibility for them. They can figure it all out just like we did…that’s half the magic. Unless they are footing your bill, you need to speak up. It’s your vacation too.


we were mean an booked them in the middle of our trip. Then we planned 3 days without meals so that we could go to Daytona and the flea market on 2 of those days. We also have water park tickets which they don’t an planned at least one water park day in there. So that they are forced to figure things out themselves. There is no way I’m letting them ruin my trip. I am really selfish with my WDW time as well.


Good for you! I don’t mind helpinp people prepare to experience WDW by booking for them or helping them book…heck, I’ll even plan their dining and guilde them in the parks for a few days, but there is no way I can do that for an entire trip. I am suppose to take my DD and 4 friends at the end of the next school year for their graduation. I am excited, but annoyed at the same time. It’s not going to be the same, but how to you argue with these kids who would rahter go with me than their school? lol