Discounts through Mousesavers


Hi All! Has anyone ever purchased their Disney park hopper passes through the discount sales agencies (Undercover Tourist or Ticket Mania)that Mousesavers offers?

It looks like I will save a decent chunk of change if I go through them, but I am a little leary?


Ok here is what I have learned…

If I purchase through Disney Directly I can get the two 8 day park hpper tickets at $506.94 ($238 per person and then they charge you tax of $30.94).

If I purchase through Ticket mania with my Discount I can pay $237 per person (tax is included, I only have to pay a S & H charge of $6 total. Bringing my total to $480. even

Undercover Tourist will only let me purchase a 7 Day hopper so I am not even considering them. What do you think? I know it is worth it price wise, but are they reliable? Mousesavers recommends them but I just want the feedback from you guys!


I can tell you that TicketMania is a reputable company. I have purchased my park tickets through that Mousesavers link with no problems.


If Mary recommends them, you will be fine. There is no way should would recommend a company if it was questionable at all.


I agree- we have ordered tickets from Ticketmania more than 6 or 7 times with no problems at all. You should sign up for the newsletter!


I too have ordered from Ticket Mania and had no problems. Good luck!


I am already signed up, but I get a little leary and I just wanted to double check, so here I go, I am off to order those tickets. Thanks Guys!


I have used Ticketmania and had no problems and would use them again.