So, who else checks the Mousesavers site everyday, hoping against hope that the “last revised” date will be something other than 1/17/06???

When will those late April/May discounts arrive??? :pinch:


I’m right there with you!!! I check Mousesavers during the day at work and at night when I’m home.

April is approaching … where are the discounts!!

(Next WDW trip: April 14-28th)


Those are exactly what I’m looking for!!!


Yes, everyday! Last year none were offered in May so this year, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


I’m positive we got room discounts for our trip May 4-11 last year…it was our first trip with our annual passes.


This didn’t come from me, but April and May discounts will be released February 23, give or take a day. I am not positive what dates it will be for, or what the discounts will be, but you can hold off the checking for a week.


Way cool!! I’mhoping for something the weekend of the Minnie marathon weekend.


Are you gonna do the race, Alma?


Thanks Mickey :wink: (why am I checking anyway?? I know you’re taking care of it for me – just the obsessive Disney gotta know it all in me, I guess :blush:)


oopss…double post…


Since it’s a walking race,I’m going to try.


Woo-hoo! Thanks Mickey… .


Maybe an Annual Passholder discount but not an general public dicount! :happy:


Thank you MicKey! :happy:


YEA, Mickey! Now I’m getting excited. I can’t decide if we want to upgrade to WL or stay at POR and save money. Decisions, decisions…


Thanks for the info!! Makes me feel better knowing they are on the way.


last time, mousesavers was a day late with the news, so by the time we called, many of the AP rates for popular hotels were gone. I have been calling every morning, first thing, so the tip about 2/23 is very helpful, now I know I don’t have to set my alarm for 7 AM tomorrow!! YAY!!