Ok maybe tacky question.:blush: :blush: :blush: do college program kids get any discounts on trips, hotels anything? the reason Im asking is my DD calls me says she “heard” they can get a discount on trips or hotels,possible tickets?. but she is not sure and not sure how to find out?? not to smart but cute.
so Im sure someone here will know something!:confused: :confused: :confused:


A customer of mine has 2 kids that went through the college program. While they were there, he went to WDW many times because he could do it with their hefty discounts. His youngest graduated last year, so no more discounts for him. Sorry I don’t know the details, but I hope you get to go on ALOT of trips this year!!


We did get a CM discount on rooms/food/merchandise. I was only able to use it once during my program when some friends came to visit. My parents came to visit at a time when there weren’t any good discounts. I think they basically offer good discounts to CMs if the rooms are booked up. I had to call everyday to get the rate I got for my friends. It was about $50/night at the AllStars (this was 8 years ago). I think it is also required that the CM be on the reservation and present at check-in but I am not sure. There was a special phone number we had to call for these discounts.

We also always got 20% off food and merchandise.


thanks for the info


Hi Our DD is at WDW doing the CP. She has already booked 3 trips for us with her cast member discount, 2 trips for our DS and a trip for 2 different families that she part-time nannies. The disc. is for “Family and Friends”. The discount is greater if she stays in the room with us - and so she is for our visits.

She had one really low day/night earlier in her program. But, now, she is LOVING her stay. She works at DTD. She has a group of friends that she is able to hang out with. They have done a P&P Party, a character breakfast at GF, and lots of touring and shopping. FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

She is at Chatham and is in a 2 bedroom apt. She has fun with 2 of her roomies; one is a loner and doesn’t even LIKE Disney. Not sure if that CPer will last.

All in all, this has been a GREAT experience for our DD. I’m sure she will want to do this again!!!


thanks so much my DD is also loving in she is staying at Vista i think that is the name. she will be goiing back down with us. she will be home for aobut 10 days i think she told me today she is signing up for next spring. she is supposed to get married so Im not sure. she had a one night of bad when she first went but now loves it… right now she is sick but still loves it. I will call her and let her know about the discount .:laugh: