Discovery cove @ Seaworld?


I was thinking about booking this as a surprise for my DH and DD for christmas. HAs anyone ever done this before and if so did you like it? Was it worth it?
Also does anyone know any promotional codes for sea world or Universal?



Discovery cove is def worth the money its a once in a life time type of thing… Not sure of any codes i sometime find some on


I agree, Discovery Cove is worth every single penny.

Someday, we will do this again!!!:wub:


My associate at work did it and loved it. Know another family that did and they enjoyed it also.


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well there are no mice!!
discovery cove is Worth every cent,penny

make sure you spend every minuet you can there- arrive early and leave late.
if you are in a large family or group it is worth getting the dvd and getting the photos put on CD (like disney photo pass). we got around 80 photos of us with dolphins and the birds. There was 9 of us.

you can eat and drink as much as you like (please dont drink to much alcohol and spoil your day, or let the kidz have to much free chocolate) time your eating well around you swim with dolphins. they are happy for you to take what you want from the stalls- chips (crisps in UK) sweets and whatever drinks you want hot or cold.

im not sure how tickets work in USA but from UK you can get a discovery cove plus ticket that gives you your swim with dolphins, day at busch gardens and day at sea world. the ticket for swim with dolphin that is not PLUS just gives you either Sea world or Busch Gardens.

dont forget they are opening AQUATICA in spring 2008.

one more thing at sea world the meal with shamu is fantastic and more than worth it, again it eat as much as you like drink as much as you like including BUD. you get very close up to SHAMU and talk to the treaners. they come around your table and you ask them questions.

have a fantastic time (sorry for going on about other stuff i just dont know when to stop)
all the best jim


T24, I am not sure, but I feel like Discovery Cove is not actually at Sea World? I think it is next door to Sea World, but maybe not affiliated??? Someone will be able to clear that up…

Anyway, we tried to book tickets, but they had a lot of blackout dates where large groups had taken up most of the tickets. The only day we could get ticekts was on the next-to-last day of our trip, which we decided not to do because you cannot get your money back if the weather is un-swimmable!!! HUH???

It is so expensive that we decided not to book it, in case we ended up in bad weather.

That day of our vacation ended up being a beautiful, perfect day and we would have been fine. But the gamble was too great…


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your right about un-swimmable/ bad weather -you have lost your money.
its enoug to make you cry. if you turn up on the day and the have sold out you have lost out.

i was very lucky last november we booked for 9 of us and had a fantastic the time i booked i never thought about bad weather and not been able to do the swim. it was cold though but the kidz said it was one of there best days.

dont know about you guys in USA but in UK LOOK OUT FOR AND ORDER YOUR FREE DVD from virgin holidays. it a fantastic way of seeing whats new and getting the deciding vote about where to go for your next holiday/ vacation.

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We were thinking about doing this but I don’t like the sound of not being able to get your money back if its unswimable. Maybe Ill have to think of something else to do. That is a lot of money to lose.


Its not “in” seaworld is near by but from what I understand they are owned by seaworld.


$$$$$$$$$ One good rainstorm, and there goes HUNDREDS!!!