Discovery Cove


Has anyone here ever been to discovery cove? We going on our dec trip but im never been and im curious what you guys thought about it. What you liked what you didnt like. And is it still enjoyable for the people who aren’t doing the dolphin swim?
Thanks in advance


Hi Puremagic

We viseted Discovery Cove late November, all the family loved it from our grandaughter aged four and half (did not swim with dolphins) to our older kids 14, 16, 18, 21 we were a party of nine and the staff at the cove were so helpful.

I’m struggling to think of something we did not like! i can only think of two things - the price and the weather was cold in the afternoon.

we loved the dolphin swim, the free time we had to around the park at our own pace. the food was fantastic, the kids loved just going up and getting drinks and crisps (sorry chips) when they wanted them, no set meal time just get your meal when you are ready for it.

I would recomend the DVD and photo package, they take DVD of your swim with dolphins (our family had two different times due to size of party and they put both swims on one DVD) also photographs of your swim and around the park. i would say well worth it.

Get there early and make a full day of it I’m sure you will love your time there.


This is the kids with the dolphin, the photographers let the little one come in for a photo, they were so helpful.

this was part of the DVD photo package


Wow good to know and great picture. I was thinking about taking my family there but if I remember correctly the price seemed like a bit much when I looked into it.


Thanks that is awesome to hear. I have already booked our day and everything and i am sssoooo excited for it. I just want to hear the good and the bad lol although i think anywhere you swim with a dolphin can’t be that bad.
I LOVE that picture!!!
I’m very excited for this trip and i would love to hear what everyone else thinks of it.


We did Discovery Cove two years ago. Like Jimbo said, the only thing we didn’t like was the price! LOL…however, when I explain it to anyone I am sure to tell them it was worth every penny spent.

Here’s another picture for you!


The other problem that I have read about is that if the weather is bad on the day of your swim the park will not be open and you do not get a refund.:ohmy:

I’m not sure if they have changed this policy but that’s how it was when we went.

They don’t mind you taking plenty of bags of chips (But I don’t think you could get $200 worth:laugh: )


Wow Jimbo, I can see if there was some rain but Discovery Cove was open why they would not give refunds. But if the park was not open at all and not admitting anyone then I am not sure how they could get away with this esp if you paid by credit card. You would have paid for something and not have received anything in return. This is grounds to dispute a credit card charge.

I checked the web site and could not find any information in regards to this.

In the future I am going to give a gift of this to my Mom, so will check into this policy when I do.


My husband and I went to Discovery Cove pre kids about 4 years ago. We did the dolphin swim and it was great! I loved everything about our day. The park was quiet, lots to do, relaxing atmosphere and quite romantic. Two kids later, I would still just go alone with my husband!! We felt as if we were treated like Kings and Queens for the day with not a worry in the world! The price is steep, but it is soooo worth it!!


What awesome pictures. I would LOVE to do this. And we might this year and just leave the baby at the rental house with Mamma. But I would hate to spend all that money and not get anything if it rained. Are you able to schedule for the next day if the weather is bad?


I’m so excited for this trip, Disney World and swimming with dolphins, i mean how much fun can you have lol . Thanks for your replies guys it looks like you all had a fun day there.
Does anyone have any other pics of the park? Like the coral Reef or the river?