I am having a moral dilema. I bought breakfast vouchers for myself an my DD for four days. She is 10 and still qualifies for a child’s price at breakfasts,so I ordered a child’s breakfast voucher. The vouchers came in the mail today and say in the right hand corner ages 3-9. My DD will be almost 11 at the time of travel (her bday is 2/8 and we go on 1/21) and does not even look remotely 9. Shoudl I try and return these vouchers and get adult ones? I could do that, but then I will be paying $18.25 for a child who is still considered a child by WDW standards. I hate to cheat with things like this, but think a child’s voucher should be the same age range as the child’s prices at WDW, which is 11. Help!


Dana, I would not worry about it this trip.


This is a bit of a dilemma, isn’t it. You’re right, Sara couldn’t pass for 9. But $18.25 is a ridiculous price to pay for breakfast, for a child. I guess I would question if you even need the vouchers at all. Maybe you should just return them all, and wing it for breakfast. I know you Dana, you wouldn’t feel right about trying to “put one over” on anyone. It would bother you and be a little niggling worry during your whole trip. Frankly, I think you could both eat breakfast for $18.25. So, I say, return all the breakfast vouchers and grab a muffin. :biggrin:


You are right of course. It will bother me…a lot. Problem is, ther are nonrefundable. I am going to have to eitehr try and sell them, give them away or use them…I hate this. :nonono2:


I thick you’ll be fine this year. If you feel extremely guilty, give the waitess/waiter a bit bigger tip.
Have a great time, we have not done the vouchers before, should I look into these. I’d be happy to hear why you like them. I have not a clue about em’.


I would just use them this year and next year buy adult ones. I don’t think this is dishonest at all.


I agree with mickaholic!!!


I mean,Dana,you didn’t deliberately buy these child vouchers,did you?


God No! lol When I saw child vouchers, I just assumed my DD was still considered a child for these since she is still able to get child’s prices at WDW. Child prices for food is 3-11 at most restaurants…12 and up pay adult prices. This is not the same for admission. Admission is 3-9 for a child price and 10 and up adult. I never thought for a minute that those vouchers were aged differently. The average price for a child’s buffet character meal is around $9.99 or so…I paid $11.99 for the vouchers. Yes, I guess I will try and use them but I will be SO embarrassed if a CM calls me on it.

Mr.Disneyfan - This is my first experience with using the vouchers. I am buying them to prepay for a few meals here and there so I will have a few less expenses once I get there. I’m not going to save much on the ones I bought, but will probally break even. Just less cash or funds for me to take there and save. As I stand I have enough vouchers for 4 lunches or dinners and 4 breakfasts for both me and my DD. I will definately report how they worked out for me in my trip report. :mickey:


heck girl you couldnt be dishonest if you tried … I agree use them, dont beat your self up or feel guilty


I am going to call WDW-dine tomorrow and put the question to them and see what their “official” responce is. I am going to try and use them anyway, becaseu they are nonfeundable and I think I shouldn’t pay an adult voucher rate for a child who is a child in the eyes of WDW. I hate to feel like I am cheating,but in this situation, I feel I would be getting cheated. I could have easily bought DD’s AP at the child’s rate, but would never do such a thing because the rules state at ten she pays adult admission, but in this circumstance, I think there is a major grey area. I’ll let you all know what WDW says tomorrow. Thanks for the input all. I value every one of your opinons. :mickey:


Dana, I don’t think a CM would say anything. I doubt they would even notice the age on the voucher. They probably will only notice it is for a child. I wouldn’t worry about it.


I say go for it Dana!! You did not mean to do this, and you should not be penalized just because the company doesn’t follow Disney standards!


I called Disney this afternoon to get the “official” word from them. Apparently I am not the only person with a loud concience (sp?). The CM informed me that I wasn’t the only person she ever talked to with this dilema. she said they would absolutely honor the child’s voucer for a child of ten because she is still a child to the WDW restaurants. Whew! I am so glad that I won’t have to worry about this little nonsense. Thanks so much everyone for your comments and opinions. As always, I appreciate each and everyone one of them. Have I told you all lately that you rock? :laugh: :mickey:


when I buy my tickets online for the movies I get a senior ticket for my son because no matter how mant times I ask they don’t give you a student ticket online but they do for seniors I guess senior s are more honest eh…I don’t know if it is true but when we go to the ticket line they never ask me for my ID but they always ask my son…now I have been told I look late 40’s not 56 which is what I am but My son has a baby face but still gets carded even if he is with me…In all the years of going to disney I have never heard of disney questioning someones age …so don’t fee l guilty it was an honest mistake and if it really bothers you leave a little larger tip and that will make it all better


That is awesome, Dana!!! Now you can go guilt free!!


I am glad that it worked out and you now have peace of mind and now worries or guilt about the vouchers !!