Disney’s Art of Animation & Royal Guest Rooms at POR Can now be booked!


As seen on the Disney Blog - Booking for 2012!! I tried it, it’s on the online reservations system! :happy:

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For The Disney art of Animation,[COLOR=“Blue”] [COLOR=“Blue”]wow it is a suite with 2 separate bathrooms A master bedroom 3 separate sleeping areas , but the price is alot higher then I was thinking it was going to be. [/COLOR]:ohmy:[/COLOR]


Out of curiosity, what were the rates?


I went to Disney go.com and did the “Price your vacation” for next summer.


If you go to Pop Century and go across the Generation Gap bridge you can get good pictures of the construction.Its where the old buildings of Pop used to be.


Looks like $189 for the Royal Rooms and $248 for the suites…starting anyway. I am sure those are the lowest seasons… :slight_smile: Pretty darn cool if you ask me!
Wish there was a HM suite though!