Disney 1/2 Marathon


Is anyone on Mousebuzz planning on running the Disney 1/2 Marathon on January 8th, 2011? I am trying to use Mickey as incentive to get off my backside and run!!

It would be nice to have a MB soulmate! :cool:


Bumping this up:

Nobody is trying to run the 1/2 Marathon this January? Come on, I need a partner!!!


Give ddoll a PM. See if she is participating this year!


I would love to, but can’t afford the trip to WDW just to run. Besides that, I sprained my knee and am just working on getting back to running. Hoping to run a local 1/2 on 1/1/11! Good luck at WDW though!


I have a friend who is running it, but she’s not into Disney at all, and she’s not a big runner either. I thought it was kind of interesting that she was doing it at all. :huh::laugh:She thought maybe my daughter and I were doing it because I TRY to run (not dedicated at all, and not a good enough runner to do a 1/2 marathon) and my daughter is a BIG runner, but like mickeymommy, I don’t have money to go to WDW for a run. I told her to have fun and show me lots of pictures when she gets back.:happy:


Many thanks for the replies. I too am not nearly as good a runner as needed to run this but I figure if I can do this, it will force me to get in some shape! And as a reward I get to see Mickey!!! :cool:


i can throw the i’ll be too pregnant to run that card, but in reality even mickey can’t motivate my lazy butt to run anywhere lol!


Congrats on your upcoming addition!!


OK, for good or bad, I registered. Don’t know how I will get in shape to run 13 miles but for what it cost to register, I will have to figure it out! :laugh:

Wish me luck and let me know if any of you decide to run the event!! :cool:


You have time to do this Stan. Get yourself a plan and stick with it. When you have a goal to work towards, it’s always do-able.


Not that this is great news for anyone but me but I am very proud to post that I ran 9 miles today. This is the furthest that I have run in years and certainly the farthest since I started on the 1/2 Marathon quest! :cool:


Great news! Keep up the good work.


Woohoo!! :happy: I can totally appreciate that milestone, Stan! Good for you!!!
Wait till you hit 10…you’ll feel like an Olympian. :laugh:


Great news! You must have run many a mile around the Disney Magic deck 4. Please give us a little report.


Thanks for the support. I did actually run on deck 4! I am awful with TR but I will try to post something later today.


All of you have run long distances will get a kick out of this statement:

Body Glide is really GREAT stuff!!! :cool:

After a few pretty bad chaffing situations, I found this stuff and it works awesome! :cool::laugh:

Hope to run 11 miles on Sunday!



Forgive me on the ignorance, but actually how long is a half marathon? One of these days I would really like to do it, but right now, I’m so out of shape, I don’t believe I could even run a mile. But, the only way to get me to run that long would to be able to run it in Disney!


That is exactly why I entered. It was my kick in the backside to get going. I used to run a bunch when I was younger and did a few 1/2 marathons 15 years ago.

It is 13.1 miles. It is as long as it sounds but I will say this, if I can do this, anyone can. I would suggest you start slow and work up to a 5K (3.1 miles). These are everywhere and are quite a nice social event.


Awesome! Congrats! What time are you shooting for? Or just a finish? Either way, you are 100% awesome!

Keep it up, I will be rooting for you!


13.1, an awesome distance. Sooooo much easier than the full marathon and you don’t feel usually like you have been hit by a truck afterward. Trust me, you can get in shape in 6 months to run it. One foot after another and run for time, not distance to build up. You will get there!

I was scheduled and paid to run the full marathon last year and my Dad had a stroke and passed away. 2011, other issues. 2012 I guaranty will be issue free, I will be back and running it!