Disney 3 day blinds!


I thought some of you might like these blinds they are soooo cute. However, they are very pricey! But it is still fun to look!



Oh my gosh, these are sooooo awesome! I really wish we could afford some right now! Oh well…maybe I’ll put some money away for after we move back to Cali, and then we’ll be able to buy some for our new house. :heart:

I love how they have the different Princesses for different windows…


I know I can hardly stand it!! I want to get the Ariel ones for my DD room!
I am gonna have to save!! :whistling


I would love to get my DS the blinds for his room, however, the price is a little high. We have huge windows and he has 4 windows in his room. That would come to almost $1,000. That’s 4 nights at WL!!!


I sooooooo want the Princess Blinds for my daughters’ room. It would match perfectly. I can’t the pricing screen to work though. How much is a regular 36" blind?


Never mind $250 OUCH!!!

Ok maybe I don’t want them that bad… ok i do want them that bad I just can’t justifiy to my husband.


oooooh! those are SO cool!!! Those will be in my first apartment for sure!


Each blind is a night in a Disney resort. I love the blinds but there is no way I can spend that on 4 blinds.


Did you see the Star Wars blinds they have?!?!? Totally wicked!!!


WOW! I would love the Tinkerbell blinds for DD… she would go nuts over it. It’s just way too much$.


I LOVE the Jungle Book blinds. :wub: :wub: :wub:

I can’t believe they have so many designs! It’s amazing that you can actually find home decor for some of the less popular movies like Jungle Book, Lady & The Tramp, etc. :whistling Gives me all sorts of new ideas for planning future room themes.

Yes, I realize that each set of blinds is a night at a nice Disney resort, but blinds are a big expense anyway. I would rather pay more for ones that (A) are unique (B) add to the theme of the room. Plus, they will last a lot longer than one night at Disney. shrugs At SOME point I’ll be able to see paying that much, anyway. Obviously not right now…I’d take a trip to Disney instead!


I didn’t see those ones! When we buy our new place in Southern California, I planned on doing my whole office in Star Wars, with movie posters and the whole bit. I will definitely have to add these to the room! :smile: I don’t think the whole house would get done in them, but definitely our offices.

The prices are pretty high, but I personally feel they are worth every penny. IMHO. :smile: