Disney Addict


Ok, I now believe I have become fully addicted to Disneyworld.

  1. I go 2-3 times a year for 7 12 days each.

  2. The day I get home I start planning my next trip

  3. It is pretty much the ONLY place I go on vacation

  4. I know the parks so well I have ever employee where I work come to me for planning ideas

  5. Friends call from the parks, I can tell them where they are from a brief description, and how to get anywhere else on the property over the phone

  6. In 12 trips have never been to Universal

  7. Love everytime someone brings Disney up, a commercial on TV, or I see one of the 22,000 pictures I have taken during trips, and oh yeah the entire room in my house dedicated to Disney!!!

Think I am an addict (and proud of it!!)


yes, you should be certified. In a good way.
Ever thought about becoming a Disney TA?


Your with good company!! We all seem to be Disney Addicts!!


Yep, we are Disney addicts. I just wish I could afford to go more often.


Thats too funny! I hope to have your “problem” someday!



The best part about MB is not having to explain! Everyone here gets it.We all think you are nomal:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


2 - Why do you wait until you get home? Sharon is plotting the next trip before we leave

3 It is the only place we have vacationed in the last 20 years!

7 We bought the house we have now because of Sharon’s collection, and she has outgrown this house (not a small house!!

When we were there for the millennium, we were in a pre-show for the Lion King. Sharon got picked on, and was told that she had an addiction, and there was help for her. NOT!!!

Yes, you are in good company!!!


You are in wonderful company here. I can relate to all of the comments you made!! I’m also proud to be a Disney addict!


Yes join the club we are all sooo addicted too!


I wish I new where to apply to become a Disney Travel Agent. I definately have the knowledge and love planning and thinking about Disney, plus trips to Disney would become a tax write off!!!


Yep, that just about sums it up!
You are my twin!


My thoughts exactly…:heart:


DEFINIETLY an addict here!!!

We only go about once a year but I also begin planning the day I get home!!

**We have two cats NAMED DISNEY & EPCOT!!:wub:
**I have 3 disney tatoos(Mickey and two hidden Mickey’s)
**We have a Mickey bathroom, I have a Mickey quilt on my bed, my daughters room is painted like it is underwater with Ariel, sebastian and Flounder!
**MY CAR – has personalized plates that read DZNYGRL with a mickey holder around it, a goofy holding on the the antenae, with a Cruise Mickey on top, All my floormats are Mickey and my steering wheel cover is Mickey too!! I also have two Mickey’s that sit in my car that I make my DH and kids say “Hi” to when they get in!!(I love making them do that! They roll their eyes but they always do it!!!:laugh: ) But the best thing is a Mickey on my back window that says “Disney, Where dreams come true!”
**I pretty much wear something Disney everyday!!! YES everyday!!
**Most of our pictures up in our house are from Disney trips!! Even our formal family picture was taken on the cruise with Mickey!!:laugh:
**I make everyone stop and watch when a Disney World commercial comes on!
**AND I spend waaaaaayyyy too much time here discussing Disney!!

I don’t think I am addicted I think I am obssessed!!!:laugh:


I’m right there with you on all of them except #1. This will be the first year, though, that I will get to go twice!!:blush:


It sounds like your in the right place.:laugh:


I too am an addict, who is held back from my full addiction due to a Disney hating hubby :crying: However, if I had my choice I would vacation at Disney about 3 to 4 weeks out of the year (or much more if $$ wasn’t an option)


I won’t go to rehab, no, no, no, no!


I am happy to be an addict too. You are in good company around here.


DW & I are definitely addicts however I think I am more of one cuz I am theone who is responsible for planning, etc. We have our trip for Memorial Day weekend another trip for January planned and I want to try to sneak in a trip for September or October and DW said to me a few minutes ago “We haven’t even gone on the first trip yet and are thinking of the trips afterwards”

If we could afford it and had the vacation time, I think we could go every other month. It is the one place that we can agree on going to (I hate to fly and she refuses to go on a cruise ship). Unfortunately it also means that we will most likely miss out on visiting the other Disney parks around the world and the cruises but I am glad we have Disney World. Both our families think we are knuts but we don’t care


Well I did it…I am now a part time home based Travel Agent!! I am taking the Disney College of Knowledge Travel Agent classes!!!

So if any one needs help planning Discounttravel4you.globaltravel.com
send an email for Disney specials.